What is the splicing processor

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When it comes to large -screen stitching, the first side of our minds are the screen walls that usually see by large screens and showing colorful high -definition pictures. But in fact, the entire large screen display system is not just a simple screen wall. The large -screen display system is actually composed of most of the three, that is, the LCD stitching screen wall, multi -screen splicing processor and signal source. Below, let's take a look at what the large -screen stitching processor is.

Before understanding the splicing processor, let's recall it. Sometimes we see images of only one picture from the stitching wall, and sometimes we see a large screen display that exists in common, especially some of them, especially some of them. On the stitching screen of the security monitoring room, you can see the real -time screen of many locations, and the realization of multiple pictures exist on the screen at the same time. This is the credit of the stitching processor! Therefore, the splicing processor is the core of the key technology. Images that support different pixels are displayed on the large -screen display wall and the window is open on the large screen display wall, the window is enlarged and reduced, and the screen roaming display is displayed. Before the splicter, the large -screen splicing system is matched with matrix, multi -way video signal (CVBS/DVI/SDI/VGA) enters, multi -road video signal output, cooperate with the monitor, form a TV wall, cannot stitch, and also Can't roam, what is realized is just any way to simulate signals that can be displayed on the monitor.

Features of stitching processors:


Pure hardware splicing processor is a high -speed processor with ultra -high resolution and pure hardware images. You can start quickly when you call, and ensure that 24 hours of stable work


You can access multi -way videos at the same time, and you can zoom in all the way to the entire screen.


The processing process of the series of video segments is completely hardware. It does not require computers and startups to operate. It is convenient to use. It can work with the signal line and connect to the power supply.

4. 4..Support high -definition signal input and output

The modular design is adopted to increase or decrease different functional modules according to different needs. It can be configured according to the actual needs of the user to different segmentation specifications.

Multiple display and window mode

Provide a variety of display mode, which can achieve windows roaming, windows superposition, zooming, painting in the painting, painting, window perspectives and other functions, and preset a variety of modes. Users can define the pre -deposit mode by themselves.

Different series of products and functions are also different. Simple ones are specially handled with video signals. There are also many high -end processor functions, but when choosing, it should be determined according to the scene applied by the LCD splicing screen; In the monitoring system, the high -end splicing processor is inevitable, and it must be used with matrix.

The large -screen system composed of LCD splicing screen and splicing processor is high, high -reliability, high reliability, natural and smooth dynamic images, realistic and delicate pictures, low cost, and rich stunt; suitable for conference center, monitoring command command The dispatch center, large display exhibition center, large data visual platform and other fields are used.

In today's display field, there are many display products with stitching processors, and their own categories and functions are not the same. When choosing a splicing processor, you should start from your own needs to meet the application requirements.






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