Transparent OLED display screen

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The transparent screen has attracted widespread attention in recent years, and the transparent OLED display, as the main force of the current transparent screen device, has a lot of room for use in applications. The transparent OLED display has the characteristics of breaking the traditional display form. The value of the transparent OLED display is that the designs with a sense of futuristic have a stronger attractiveness to the audience. The high degree of transparency can be harmonious and harmonious with the environment. It can also have more information to display more information. Bring an unprecedented sense of experience. It has great development value in digital signs, transportation, architecture, home and other scenarios. A better information can be transmitted through OLED transparent screen.

OLED advantage:

1. Perfect perspective, wide viewing angle OLED, has a wide range of viewing angles. From all angles, it can maintain amazing picture effects.

2. Excellent black infinite contrast and perfect black self -optic pixels can open and close independently, showing perfect black. Without light leakage, absolutely black creation is infinitely comparison.

3. The perfect industrial design is at the same time as thin as there are only two layers of structure. OLED has an incredible and thin body.

4. The color of the color accurate \\u0026 stable color self -optical pixels can accurately restore the color and lifelike.

5. The smooth dynamic screen responds to the dynamic screen response time of 5000 times faster, and it is perfect and clear.

OLED technical characteristics:

1. Infinite stitching

OLED transparent screen has a very high contrast, response speed and color saturation, OLEDLCDIt has the advantages of high resolution, thin thickness, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, and no radiation! The use of this transparent OLED does not need backlight, and its transparent effect is far better than the traditional LCD backlight box asanable transparent screen.

2. Thin screen

The transparent stitching screen has an ultra -thin OLED module structure, which greatly improves the overall architecture of the original LCD display, breaks through the playback form of the traditional display screen, and broaden the application range of the traditional display screen.


The extraordinary transparency and color expression OLED transparent screen can exquisite the transparency of the screen body to achieve the effect that the ordinary screen cannot achieve. With self -luminous pixels, no backlight is required. It can show extraordinary transparency and color. When playing graphic content, you can also see the real scene behind the screen at the same time.





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