What is the application and characteristics of the curved stitching screen?

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Since its launch, the LCD splicing screen has been applied quickly in all walks of life, and we can often be seen in our lives. This is also one of the popular products in the large screen display industry. However, due to the diverse installation environment of many users, some conventional installation methods do not meet user needs. At this time, it can be used with alien or curved stitching methods to better meet customer needs. The curved stitching screen is often used. Let's talk about the application and characteristics of the curved stitching screen.


1. Application of curved stitching screen

In recent years, curved display screens have gradually tended to intelligent and large -scale design, such as shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls, exhibition halls and other public places, and have been used to display large screen screens. The application is as follows:

1. The installation venue applied by the curved liquid crystal stitching screen, for example, some rooms are arc -shaped. At this time, in order to adapt to the shape of the room, large screens, such as exhibition halls, command centers, advertising media, etc., or personalized personalization Display platforms, some occasions that pursue personalization In order to achieve differentiation with conventional display, they sometimes use alien stitching methods. Among them, the curved LCD splicing screen is a common one.

2. In large shopping malls, as dense public places, it contains endless consumption opportunities. At the same time, it is a place for competition from various businesses. The curved stitching screen has begun to develop in the large screen display market. Update, the curved stitching screen of the mall can attract consumer eyeballs well, no matter which area, space, and angle of the mall, and it is convenient for users to shop needs at the same time. The overall image is more increasing, and it is more about expanding the entrance to the information transmission from malls to consumers, and injecting the vitality of the mall into injection.


Second, the characteristics of the curved stitching screen

The emergence of curved stitching screen stitching is not to replace conventional stitching methods, but to comply with various installation environments that appear in the market. The installation of the curved stitching screen is relatively high than the installation conditions of the conventional LCD stitching screen. High installation conditions are manifested in the following aspects:

1. In the installation environment, it requires that the installation space is large enough. In addition to the left and right width, the depth requirements are also higher. Because it is a curved installation method, the screens on the left and right ends will be higher, so the space for space is large enough to be large enough. Talent;


2. In terms of the number of stitching, it is recommended to be more than 3 lines and 5 columns, so as to make a better arc curve display effect, otherwise the overall effect of the large screen display screen is not good.


3. For the curved stitching screen, you also need to consider the stitching of the bracket and the stitching of the screen. The technical requirements are relatively high.


4. The installation method is also required. It is recommended to choose a TV cabinet or double -layer aluminum profile installation. Wall -mounted is not recommended.

The above is the introduction of the application and characteristics of the curved stitching screen. Do you know the curved surface stitching screen more? With the continuous advancement of technology, curved surface stitching screen technology is also increasing, and splicing screen technology that can meet more needs of customers in the future will also appear. This is also the driving force for the continuous development of the display industry.






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