Application of mobile slide screen in the design hall design of the exhibition hall

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The modern exhibition hall combines many rich multimedia interactions. The mobile gliding screen is a more commonly used display technology in the exhibition hall, which is mainly used to show the entire process of enterprise development history and events. The sliding rail screen is easy to use, interesting, and practical, making the entertainment experience interactive communication effect more prominent, and has a strong practical promotion effect. The biggest feature of the sliding track screen is that it has interaction and is very popular in the digital exhibition hall. Next, I will talk to you about the application of the sliding screen in the design of the exhibition hall design!


The interactive slide screen is through special design mechanical sliding rail control devices, combined with high -definition LCD stitching curtain wall, realizing interactive control of screen content, setting different touch points at the corresponding position, and installing the sensor circuit on the track of the taxi in advance. When the device is pushed to the sensor point, the sensing signal will be triggered, and the display will be automatically switched to the corresponding content on the display.

The interactive slide screen is applicable to an industry above 90 %. The combination of dynamic and static, no need to click the screen, accurate induction, the screen moves with the background, slide at will, support clicking the screen to switch tour, touch display, easily support multi -level pages flexibly jumping to switch to flexibly jump turning around Essence


The mobile slide screen has played a better propaganda role in the digital exhibition hall. The amount of information carried by it has a huge amount of information, which saves the site than the text text. Not limited to the introduction of the interpreter. The display is more specific, more comprehensive, and shocking, leaving a very deep impression on customers. The above is the content shared by the editor of Huayun Vision with you, creating a digital multimedia exhibition hall to find a professional exhibition hall such as Huayun Vision, multimedia display equipment one -stop service provider. Integrated services (digital exhibition halls, enterprise exhibition halls, party building exhibition halls, theme exhibition halls, planning exhibition halls, etc.) are welcome to consult.





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