LED transparent screen

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As LED transparent screens are becoming more and more valued by market companies, some companies use screens to advertise, so how does LED transparent screen work? The LED transparent screen uses energy -saving and environmentally friendly materials, which can not only maintain the super high transparency of the glass, but also control the display of the photoelectric display effect to achieve video playback! So what are the advantages of LED transparent screen? How to apply it? Next, let's take a look at:

one, a one singletransparentLED display advantage
1. High and transparent effect: The transparent LED display point spacing is different, and the light transmission rate can be between about 50-90 %. The perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of lighting and perspective. The lighting of the glass curtain wall is not affected.

2,Small occupation space, light weight: the thickness of the screen bodyboard is only thick10mm thick, LED transparent screen has almost no space after installation, and does not prevent other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. The LED transparent screen weight is extremely light. After installing it on the glass curtain wall, the load requirements for the glass curtain wall are very small.

3. Only simple steel frame structures are required to save a lot of costs: light weight, convenient installation, no complex support steel structure, saving a lot of installation costs.
4. Easy maintenance and fast maintenance: indoor maintenance, which is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources.
5. Save the cost of lighting of the building: If the LED glass curtain wall display (transparent screen) is installed, a large part of the exterior wall lights can be saved. At the same time, the LED screen is more attractive, which can save costs and advertising benefits. Essence

6. Energy -saving and environmental protection: The power consumption is small, the average power consumption is less than 280W / ㎡, and does not require traditional refrigeration systems and air conditioning heat dissipation.

7. Simple operation and strong controllability: you can connect to computers, graphics cards, and remote transceivers through network cables. You can also replace the display content at any time through remote cluster wireless control.

Click on the contacts on the screen, you can see the product characteristics displayed in pictures, texts, or videos; you can also query the product, view product details, and rotate 360 degrees to enlarge the details of the product, so that customers can easily and quickly understand and purchase product. So, what are the advantages of transparent LCD screen showcases compared to traditional display methods?

1. Synchronization of virtual reality: physical and multimedia information can be displayed at the same time to enrich the vision, which is convenient for customers to understand more exhibits information.

2. 3D imaging: Transparent screens avoid the impact of light reflex on the product. Three -dimensional imaging, no need to wear 3D glasses can also allow the audience to enter a wonderful world of fusion, real and fantasy.

3. Touch interaction: The audience can enlarge and interact with the picture, and understand product information more intuitively.

4. Low energy saving: 90%of energy saving than traditional LCD screens.

5. Simple operation: Support Android, Windows system, configure information release system, support WIFI connection and remote control.

6, precise touch: support capacitor/infrared ten -point touch precise touch.

Second, the transparent LED display is in the application environment

1. Building curtain wall: LED transparent display usually depends on the installation of glass keel, combined with the glass curtain wall, which can achieve good advertising effects.

2. Space design: LED transparent screens can customize different shapes to meet different space needs, and achieve the effect of space beautification.

3. Exhibition display: The transparent LED screen is applied to various exhibitions, such as auto shows, press conferences, etc., to promote products in an all -round way.

4. Boy window display: The transparent advertising machine hangs on the window to play a good business propaganda.

Third, transparent LED display application scenarios

1. Stage digital dance beauty: LED transparent screens can be built according to the stage shape. The LED screen body itself is transparent and thin, and has a strong perspective effect to make the depth of the entire picture longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design left to the light suspension and play, and renders a certain atmosphere and dynamic to the stage, and can better express the theme.

2. Large -scale shopping malls: The effective combination of the modern art beauty of LED transparent display is effective and the mall environment. It is a wide range of application prospects for shopping malls and glass partitions.

3. Chain Store: A personality store image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design technique allows the transparent LED display to replace the traditional store's outer wall LED display, which is richer and vivid, making the store cool and very eye -catching.

4. Science and Technology Museum: Science and Technology Museum is an important scenario of communication scientific knowledge. LED transparent display can be customized. As a high -tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mysteries of technology through LED transparent screens.

5. Glass window: With the rapid expansion of the digital sign industry represented by retail, LED transparent screens bring revolutionary changes to retailers, and are increasingly welcomed in the fields of building facades, glass window decoration, interior decoration.

6. Architectural media: With the development of LED technology. Architectural media technology has also made progress. Especially in the application of glass curtain wall buildings, in recent years, it has gradually become hot. A variety of solutions such as LED light bar screens and transparent LED sky screen screens have appeared.






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