Transparent LCD screen display cabinet -novel and fashionable interactive experience

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The transparent display cabinet, also known as the transparent screen showcase and the transparent LCD screen display cabinet, is a device that breaks the display of conventional products. The screen of the showcase uses LCD transparent screen, LED transparent screen or OLED transparent screen imaging. The images and exhibits on the screen are superimposed to ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic screen, so that users can watch the exhibits or products behind the screen at close range, but also interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display screen. , Bring novel and fashionable interactive experience to products and projects. It is conducive to strengthening customers' impression of the brand and bringing a pleasant shopping experience.


Click on the contacts on the screen, you can see the product characteristics displayed in pictures, texts, or videos; you can also query the product, view product details, and rotate 360 degrees to enlarge the details of the product, so that customers can easily and quickly understand and purchase product. So, what are the advantages of transparent LCD screen showcases compared to traditional display methods?

1. Synchronization of virtual reality: physical and multimedia information can be displayed at the same time to enrich the vision, which is convenient for customers to understand more exhibits information.

2. 3D imaging: Transparent screens avoid the impact of light reflex on the product. Three -dimensional imaging, no need to wear 3D glasses can also allow the audience to enter a wonderful world of fusion, real and fantasy.

3. Touch interaction: The audience can enlarge and interact with the picture, etc., and understand product information more intuitively.

4. Low energy saving: 90%of energy saving than traditional LCD screens.

5. Simple operation: Support Android, Windows system, configure information release system, support WIFI connection and remote control.

6, precise touch: support capacitor/infrared ten -point touch precise touch.





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