What are the application and characteristics of curved splicing screen?

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Since the launch of LCD splicing screen, it has been rapidly applied in all walks of life. It is often seen in our lives, and it is also one of the popular products in the large screen display industry.
However, because many users have diversified installation environments, some conventional installation methods cannot meet the needs of users,
At this time, special-shaped or arc splicing can be used to better meet customer needs. Curved mosaic screen is one of the commonly used ones.
Now let's talk about the application and characteristics of curved splicing screen.


1、 Application of Curved Splicing Screen

In recent years, the curved display screen has also gradually tended to intelligent and large-scale design, such as shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls, exhibition halls and other public places,
The curved surface splicing screen was used to display the large screen.
Application examples are as follows:


1. The arc LCD splicing screen is applicable to the installation site. For example, some rooms are arc shaped,
In order to adapt to the shape of the room, large screens can be used in some exhibition halls, command centers, advertising media and other occasions, or personalized display platforms,
In order to achieve the difference from the conventional display, some occasions that pursue personalization will sometimes use the special-shaped splicing method, among which the arc LCD splicing screen is a common one.


2. In a large shopping mall, as a dense public place, there are endless opportunities for consumption, and it is also a competitive place for various businesses,
The application of curved splicing screen in the large screen display market has begun to flourish, and it is also constantly updated in shopping malls,
The curved splicing screen of the shopping mall can attract consumers' attention no matter in which area, space or angle,
It is convenient for users to shop, and the curved splicing screen also displays intuitive visual images,
It not only enhances the appearance and overall image of the mall,
More importantly, it has expanded the information transmission entrance from shopping malls to consumers, injecting vitality into shopping malls.



2、 Characteristics of curved splicing screen

The appearance of the curved splicing screen splicing method is not intended to replace the conventional splicing method, but to adapt to the various installation environments in the market,
The installation condition of curved splicing screen is higher than that of conventional LCD splicing screen.


High installation conditions are shown in the following aspects:


1. In terms of the installation environment, it requires that the installation space be large enough. In addition to the left and right width, it also requires higher depth,
Because of the arc installation mode, the screens on the left and right ends will be relatively forward, so the space should be large enough;


2. It is recommended that the number of splices should be more than 3 lines and 5 columns in order to achieve a better display effect of the radian curve, otherwise the overall effect of the large screen display screen is poor.


3. When installing the curved splicing screen, it is also necessary to consider the splicing of the support and the screen, either too large or too small,
It is difficult to adjust the gap because the space is too large, and it is easy to squeeze the screen because it is too small, so the technical requirements are relatively high.


4. The installation method also has requirements. It is recommended to choose TV cabinet or double-layer aluminum profiles for installation, while wall hanging is not recommended.



This is the introduction to the application and characteristics of the curved surface splicing screen. Do you know more about the curved surface splicing screen?
With the continuous progress of science and technology, the curved splicing screen technology is also improving. In the future, there will also be splicing screen technology that can meet more customer needs,
This is also the driving force for the continuous development of the display screen industry.






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