Function introduction of object recognition table

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When the object recognition table recognizes the objects placed on its desktop, the touch screen demonstration will take to a new level.
It can perform object recognition, that is, place the object on the touch recognition table, and pop up the relevant introduction of the object, or pop up the image and video introduction of the object,
Secondly, objects can move and rotate, and special effects will be displayed when moving and rotating.
In addition, the object recognition desk also includes some functions of the intelligent touch screen, such as further clicking to pop up information, zooming, translating, rotating pictures and videos,
As well as flying screen, roaming, multi screen linkage and other operations.

Compared with the touch screen, the object recognition desk not only has the recognition function, but also has a wide range of applications.
For example, when it can be applied to the touch screen, it can add object recognition function.
Object recognition table can intuitively present complex interaction logic and intuitive 3D display effect, and can interact with the audience in a three-dimensional way.
It is applicable to information query or other interactive operations.
Therefore, the room roaming function of object recognition table is made on this basis.


The object recognition table system can customize different number of recognition modules according to different needs.
In terms of operation, you only need to pass a small token to start the roaming experience. It is easy to operate and interactive. There is also an immersive display.
Immersive display has many solutions. The combination of projector and large screen makes roaming more experiential.
LED splicing large screen or LCD splicing screen makes roaming more real.
According to different needs, you can use different display schemes to create your own walkthrough environment and walk through the whole room.

Multi field industries have seized the development opportunity of mobile Internet, and their works have become more and more intelligent in the design of digital exhibition halls.
As the application of digital exhibition hall design, object recognition table technology has a strong impact on the layout planning of display occasions.
Its accurate identification, diverse forms of interaction, strong interactivity, simple operation, sensitive response and other attributes make it a good candidate for
Education base, real estate exhibition hall, enterprise exhibition hall and other exhibition occasions shine brightly.





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