What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LED display?

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The LED display is a large -screen display product with a wide range of applications. However, the advantages and disadvantages of the LED display screen are obvious. For example, its applicable environment is very wide. There is a phenomenon of dead lamps, so we must understand what it has and disadvantages when using the LED display, and to choose from our use and display requirements.

1. The advantages of the LED display screen

1. No stitching disorders

Although the LED display is also stitched by a unit board, because its lamp beads are encapsulated on the unit board, it can be seamlessly spliced when stitching, and the flatness is good. The influence of the border, so its brightness is very high and supports adjustment. In a good lighting environment, we can increase the brightness of the LED display to avoid reflective conditions. Reduce its brightness to reduce the stimulation of the eyes and make its application very flexible, which is also a unique advantage of the LED display.

2. Waterproof and sunburn moisture and moisture

The LED display has the advantages of waterproof, sun protection, and moisture -proof, so it can be installed outdoors and has stronger environmental adaptability. This is the advantage that other electronic display does not have. At present, the outdoor advertising promotion of large screens, red and green light display, etc. are different specifications of LED display.

3. There are many specifications and wide range of options

The main parameters of the LED display are point spacing, from the outdoor 20mm point spacing to the indoor P0.9mm point spacing. There are many specifications and models. Users can choose the corresponding specifications according to their own applications. The price difference is large to one square square, the price difference is very large.


Second, the disadvantage of the LED display

1. Normal clarity

The clarity of the LED display is determined by the resolution, and the resolution is determined by the density of the lamp beads. The smaller the lamp beads in the same area, the higher the resolution. Essence Therefore, some large spacing of the LED display is not as clear as the small spacing, but even the LED display of the minimum spacing still does not reach the height of the LCD screen, especially when watching at close range, so there will be mosaic phenomena, so so It is not suitable for watching the distance too close. If you want to achieve better clarity, you can only choose a small spacing product as much as possible.

2. Low contrast

Relatively speaking, the color contrast of the LED display is average, so when displaying a more gorgeous image, the effect it shows is not very bright, especially when reducing its brightness So colorful.

3. Easy to die, the after -sales rate is high

LED display lamp beads often fall in transportation, installation and use, causing individual pixels to occur, so it will affect the overall image display effect. If you want to repair Welding or replacement, this increases the cost of after -sales and later. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the LED display are relatively obvious. When we choose, we must also know this, how to give play to its advantages, and weaken its shortcomings as much as possible.






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