What are the convenient services that touch all in one machines bring to hotels?

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With the continuous development of the economy, competition in various industries is becoming increasingly fierce, and the hotel industry is no exception. In addition to thoughtful manual services, hotel services should also enhance various hardware skills to better meet the user experience. With the increasingly widespread application of touch all in one products, touch query all in one machines are gradually being applied in various hotels to provide customers with various convenient services. The use of query machines can effectively establish a good image of hotels, improve service quality, enhance industry competitiveness, and accelerate the pace of hotel automation construction.

Provide a promotional role for the hotel

1. The hotel's touchscreen all-in-one machine can provide targeted hotel brand promotion to guests who check in, playing hotel promotional videos in a loop to improve the effectiveness and targeting of the promotion, enhance the hotel image, and better establish corporate culture.

2. Publish hotel service items at the waiting area in the hotel lobby, utilizing the advantages of mobile guest resources to effectively promote various businesses.
    3In addition, hotels can also collaborate with merchants to publish information, publish merchant information, offer discounts for shopping and tourist attractions, and achieve a win-win situation for both hotels and merchants.

Provide information release for hotels

1. Promptly publish hotel emergency notices on the advertising touch all in one machine to ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission.

2. Real time release of preferential information of entertainment places and tourist attractions around the hotel, display and forecast daily information in various forms such as weather information, world clock, air quality, etc., provide customers with fast and convenient information, humanize customer service, improve customer satisfaction, and improve the service and brand of the hotel.

3. The large screen displays the schedule of the day's meeting, improves the hotel's level, and reduces resource waste caused by paper advertising.

Provide physical interaction for hotels

1. The wall mounted touch all-in-one machine can be connected to the conference reservation system, timely release the conference status, conduct live conference broadcasts, and interact with customers.

2. Regularly organize activities and interact with customers in real-time through a horizontal touch query all-in-one machine, such as live matches, celebration activities, etc., to increase the fun of staying customers.

In summary, in the process of hotel marketing, the LCD touch all-in-one machine has played a crucial role and is naturally valued by businesses. We always believe that its future development will be bright!






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