How to choose LCD splicing screen in 2020?

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-07-31

At present, there are more and more places to use large screen in society, such as monitoring room, conference room, exhibition hall, enterprise and institution publicity screen, outdoor large screen and other venues. At present, the choice of large screen is led screen or LCD splicing screen. However, LED has a strong sense of graininess and high brightness. It will affect the customer's experience to watch and use it at close range indoors. For indoor installation, we still recommend to use LCD splicing screen, and the visual effect is better than that of LED large screen.

Let's briefly introduce what is LCD splicing screen.

LCD splicing screen is a brand-new large screen splicing system, which is made up of individual LCD screens. It can be made larger and smaller according to the demand. The transportation and moving process is simple,





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