Introduction of LED display technology

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With the continuous development and application of LED display screen industry, more and more friends want to know the main technology introduction of LED display screen. Today, Huayun vision editor and you will learn about the technology introduction of LED display screen

LED panel is composed of multiple LEDs. LED display screen displays text, graphics, images, animation, market, video, video signal and other information by the LED on and off. The luminous color and luminous efficiency of LED are related to the material and technology of LED. At present, red, green and blue are widely used. LED is widely used in large display equipment because of its low working voltage (1.5 ~ 3V), active light emission, brightness adjustment by current, shock resistance, vibration resistance and long service life (100000 h).

The LED display screen made by putting red and green LEDs together as a pixel is called dual color screen or color screen; the LED display screen with red, green and blue LEDs as a pixel is called three color screen or full-color screen. The pixel size of indoor LED display screen is generally 2 ~ 10 mm, while that of outdoor LED display screen is 12 ~ 26 mm. Each pixel is composed of several monochromatic LEDs. The common finished product is called pixel tube. The two-color pixel tube is generally composed of 3 red and 2-green, and the three-color pixel tube is composed of 2 red, 1 green and 1 blue.

No matter the brightness of the LED, the LED display screen must be able to adjust the brightness of each pixel. The higher the gray level is, the more delicate and colorful the displayed image is, and the more complex the corresponding display control system is. Generally, the color transition of 256 gray level image is very soft, while that of 16 gray level image is very obvious. Therefore, color LED display screen is required to be 256 gray level. The LED used in LED display has the following forms.

1)LED(or single lamp)

It is generally composed of a single LED chip, a reflective bowl, a metal anode and a metal cathode. One or more single lights (different colors) can be used to form a basic pixel. Due to its high brightness, it is mostly used for outdoor LED display.

2)LEDLattice module

The luminous matrix is composed of several LED chips, which are encapsulated in a plastic shell with epoxy resin. Suitable for row and column scanning drive, easy to form high-density LED display, mostly used for indoor LED display.


LED is packaged by bonding, which can be used for indoor full-color LED display, which can realize single point maintenance and effectively overcome mosaic phenomenon.

Each LED in the LED display screen has its corresponding brightness control circuit, which can adjust the brightness of each LED in the LED display screen under the control of the computer, so as to display the desired image or text on the LED display screen.

LED display screen is a new type of display equipment rapidly developed in the late 1980s in the world. With the characteristics of high reliability, high brightness, long service life, strong environmental adaptability, high cost performance, low power consumption, impact resistance and stable performance, LED display rapidly grows into the mainstream product of flat panel display. China's LED display industry started in the early 1990s and developed rapidly; since entering the 21st century, LED display industry is facing good market development opportunities; on the one hand, the demand continues to expand, and the demand for e-government, government affairs publicity, public information display is strong; on the other hand, technological progress provides innovative technology for LED display market expansion and innovative application fields Surgical support

LED display is a new type of display developed rapidly in the world in the late 1980s.

The biggest feature of LED display screen is that its manufacturing is not limited by the area, which can reach tens or even hundreds of square meters. It can be used in indoor and outdoor public places to display text, graphics, images, animation, video images and other information, with strong advertising rendering power and shocking power. Its high brightness, full-color, convenient and fast error detection and LED brightness free adjustment is the development trend of the market.






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