What are the characteristics of digital signage

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What are the characteristics of digital signage? What are the uses of digital signage? In this era of rapid economic development, more and more digital products are integrated into our lives. For the dumping of products, many merchants play commercials in various ways on various occasions that we can see everywhere. What does digital signage have to do with these? First of all we need to understand what is digital signage? Digital signage (Digital Signage) is a brand-new media concept. It refers to public places where large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, theaters, and others converge. It uses large-screen terminal display devices to release business, finance, and entertainment. Multimedia professional audiovisual system of information. Its aim is to broadcast advertisement information to a specific group of people in a specific physical place and at a specific time period, so that it can obtain the effect of advertising. In foreign countries, some people equate it with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, and call it the "fifth media". So what are the characteristics of numbers? What are the uses of digital signage?

What are the characteristics of digital signage? What are the uses of digital signage? Digital signage has the following characteristics:

1. A fool-proof program editing interface, the operator can use the editing and publishing software to publish various texts, icons, animations, videos, audio information and other digital information into a "digital signage" at any time and any place without special training. The form is released.

2. Easy maintenance. The system plays automatically without the need for special personnel to manage and operate it. Even if the terminal player is powered off unexpectedly, the system will automatically replay when it is powered on again, without human operation.

3. Powerful multi-layer mixed editing function, supporting mainstream formats such as composite video, component video, HDTV high-definition video, etc., to achieve mixed display of multiple ways such as window opening, transparent overlay, special effect flipping, scrolling text, etc.

4. Use a variety of media expressions (video, audio, pictures, animation), called narrow broadcast system.

5. A dynamic advertisement that allows the content to change from day to day and from place to place.

6. It is similar to TV advertisements and advertisements on webpages, but it is highly targeted, flexible in form, and adaptable on demand. Therefore, it can be mixed with various existing production tools (such as: web page production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.).

7. It is a new technology produced by the fusion of network technology, multimedia broadcasting technology, software component development and integration technology. It is a user-oriented technology, that is, users can easily learn to make various signs by themselves.

8. This is a rapidly developing technology, and is maturing, including technology, market and industry structure will soon mature.

Digital signage has so many features, we know that digital signage can be used for advertising. Other than that? What are the uses of digital signage? Digital signage has the following uses:

1. Digital signage for government and enterprise buildings

The system is a set of multimedia information distribution system established by government agencies or large enterprises by installing display screens and playback terminals at prominent locations in office buildings to publish enterprise internal information and external publicity images. Establish a platform for cultural publicity and a window for brand demonstration.

2. Multimedia digital notice of elevator

This elevator multimedia information distribution system is different from the general elevator advertising machine. This system integrates the digital information or voice information of the elevator up and down into the multimedia distribution system, and displays the elevator up or down on the display terminal while publishing multimedia advertisements of.

3. Digital signage in large exhibition centers and competition venues

This system usually uses the existing large screens or newly built screens in large exhibition centers or competition venues as multimedia information display terminals. Through this system, live or related real-time information about games or large events can be broadcast live.

4. Shopping mall or retail store

Such as supermarkets, clothing stores, mobile phone stores, etc. Store digital signage has developed very well in various regions. Many large and small shopping malls have chosen to promote the digital signage of store. For the rapid development of Shanghai, the competitiveness of store digital signage is not small, and product quality and technology research and development are both Rising at different speeds.

5. Cinema digital signage

(1) Transmission of film information

The movie industry is developing rapidly, and movies in theaters are being updated more and more quickly. Usually DVDs are used to broadcast movie propaganda and premieres, which is no longer sufficient for today ’s theaters. In this case, the digital multimedia independently developed by the cinema The information release system will make up for this deficiency.

(2) Guidance in the projection room

The release terminal at the entrance of the screening hall mainly used guidance. Guests can find the specific location of the movie they watched through the information publishing system intuitively and quickly. The display device publishes conference guide information. Not only is the content editing convenient and quick, but also the interface is beautiful, which saves many troubles such as printing and placement of traditional conference water badges, and also improves the aesthetics and overall grade. And according to the specific needs of customers, the name, introduction and leading role of the film can be displayed on the display screen at the entrance of the screening hall.

(3), theater information and fare introduction

The traditional price introduction mainly hangs an electronic screen behind the front desk, showing the fare and screening hall number, but this has not met the high requirements of consumers. The multimedia information publishing system can play pictures, videos, texts, etc. at the same time, allowing consumers to see theater introductions, preferential activities, fare information, and seating conditions while waiting in line, so that consumers ca n’t buy tickets. All situations are well known.

6. KTV digital signage

Each KTV has LCD TVs or monitors used in many places to broadcast KTV publicity, promotional discounts and public information.

In order to facilitate the management of client-side playback devices, unified control of playback content and playback time, enhance the image of KTV, facilitate customers who come to sing, and transmit important social information, there is a need for easy-to-use, easy to maintain, stable, and reliable Multimedia information distribution system.

7. Restaurant digital signage

The time to go to the restaurant on holidays and wait for the receptionist to serve is hard. Restaurants usually need to recruit many waiters, but there are often two phenomena: first, even if there are many waiters, when there are many guests, there will always be a situation where there is no call and no one comes forward to serve. Second, if the business is relatively poor When it is light, the waiter has nothing to do. Facing such a dilemma, a good solution is to use the a la carte system, without too many waiters, as long as the dishes are selected on the display, the menu will be sent to the kitchen to do After that, someone will deliver it to the guest's table. If you have any needs, you can also operate on it. This kind of restaurant digital signage system can save the order time for the guests, increase the fullness of the guests, and also allow the guests to order more, bringing huge economic benefits.

What are the characteristics of digital signage? What are the uses of digital signage? Through the above description, do you have a certain understanding of digital signage? Digital signage can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, occupying an important position in our lives and providing great convenience. Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. has strong professionalism and good product quality, and has cooperation with many large enterprise buildings. The company has a number of advanced automated production lines not only for large-scale production and manufacturing, OEM / ODM OEM cooperation, but also to meet your personalized customization needs.






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