Application of Interactive LCD Advertising Machine and Advantage of Interactive LCD Advertising Machine

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Application of Interactive LCD Advertising Machine and Advantage of Interactive LCD Advertising Machine
Interactive LCD advertising machine is used more and more widely. Nowadays, people's pursuit of eating has taken place a qualitative leap, not only to "eat well", but also to "eat beautifully". Personalized dining environment has become a powerful tool for restaurants to conquer consumers. Interactive LCD advertising machine, it is taking this opportunity to walk on people's "dining table".
As an industry closely related to human survival, catering industry has always been closely linked to social life. Integrating into the trend of the times is the preferred way to upgrade the restaurant dining environment. In today's society, what is the hottest? The answer is undoubtedly the Internet. With the help of interactive advertising machine, the establishment of a networked ordering process is an important manifestation of the restaurant's humanized service.
As a digital information dissemination tool, interactive advertising machine can replace the traditional menu to make people's ordering process more interesting. Huayun Vision LCD Advertising Machine System is popular with consumers. It allows restaurants to provide a wider range of services with less resources. Customers can see all menus through the screen of the Advertising Machine and make reasonable decisions to improve the efficiency of ordering. At the same time, it can also enrich customers'waiting time and alleviate their impatience during the peak period. For example, through the interactive touch function, customers can not only browse restaurant information, but also carry out featured games related to restaurants. While enriching the waiting time, they can also publicize restaurant brand culture.
Interactive LCD Advertising Machine Touch Interactive Application, What are the advantages of interactive LCD Advertising Machine?
Interactive application, so that the waiting process is no longer tedious
For consumers, waiting for meals in the state of hunger is undoubtedly a kind of suffering, which easily generates irritability, thus questioning the service quality of restaurants. However, cooking needs a process, waiting is inevitable, from the ideological "shorten" meal time, has become an important topic of restaurant service upgrading. In this case, the "interactive" advantage of LCD advertising machine will become vivid and vivid.
The LCD advertising network in restaurants can create discussion circles with popular social media, such as micro-blog and micro-mail, to track and display the relevant food information and restaurant reviews released by customers in real time, so that restaurants can interact with "micro-blog control" and "micro-message control" people, and to promote the brand of restaurants while enriching the waiting time of customers.
In addition to using social media, LCD advertisers can provide specific services for customers to alleviate the impatience of waiting. At present, some interactive advertising machines can interact with customers'smartphones through NFC. Customers can set up personalized settings according to their own needs to facilitate targeted service in restaurants, such as the provision of relevant inquiry information, introduction of special dishes, provision of special games, effectively filling in the blank of customers' meal time. 
As a representative service industry, customer experience is an important factor affecting restaurant performance. Therefore, in this industry, it is necessary to re-evaluate the consumption environment from the perspective of consumer experience every few years. Under the background of the rapid development of social information, the application effect of LCD advertising machine meets the urgent information needs of customers very well. Therefore, the application of LCD advertising machine in catering industry is not a new thing. For example, the wall-mounted TV in restaurants and bars, which mainly broadcasts football matches and news, is the primary application of LCD advertising machine.
Nowadays, with the rise of interactive LCD advertising machine, this application has been further deepened, began to integrate into the entire business process, for restaurant dining environment upgrade "advice". The deep application of advertising machines in catering industry further improves the practical value, which is expected to be the first shot to penetrate the retail industry.
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