Daily Maintenance of Spliced Screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-04-03

Stitching screen has been widely used in various industries and fields, but there are still many users do not know how to maintain in daily life. Below is Huayun horizon science and technology for you to explain the following points need attention.
Environmental conditions of use
The humidity of working environment is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of LCD splicing screen. LCD splicing screen has a precise internal design. If it is used in humid environment, it will be easy to oxidize and corrode, resulting in short circuit and other phenomena, which will cause huge economic losses to users. If the LCD electrodes are corroded, the LCD splicing screen will be damaged.
Avoid strong impact
The spliced screen is very delicate because it contains many precise glass elements and electrical elements, and its anti-collision ability is poor. Once strongly impacted, the LCD screen and its related components will be damaged. In addition, do not put pressure on the screen surface of LCD splicing screen, such as finger poking at a part of the screen, which can easily lead to the increase of bad points.
Dust Treatment on Screen Surface
LCD splicing screen has been used for a long time, which will inevitably cover some dust on the surface. The correct way to clean up: use soft, non-fibre degreased cotton, lens paper or soft cloth to dip a little glass cleaner, gently wipe off the dust and dirt on the screen. It is forbidden to use chemical solutions such as alcohol, nor to use super-thick cloth or paper products, because such substances can easily scratch the surface of the screen. Not to mention spraying detergent directly on the surface of the screen, it can easily flow into the screen, resulting in short circuit failure inside the screen. Cause unnecessary losses.)
Usage Time Problem
LCD splicing screen is easy to cause overheating of some pixels due to long working time. If it exceeds the limit, it will cause damage. When working at full load for more than 95 hours, the aging process of LCD splicing screen will be accelerated, and even more serious, it will burn out. If users have to work for a long time, they can rest intermittently or change the content of screen display at different time intervals, because they need to reduce the brightness when they are waiting for work, or they can operate in screen saver mode for a while, which can not only delay the aging of LCD screen, but also avoid hardware damage.






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