Introduction of 55 inch 0.88 LCD splicing screen products

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2019-04-28

The 55-inch ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing unit adopts the most advanced dense LED light source backlight system, which has good color reduction, vivid image, point-like ultra-dense distribution and even backlight brightness. Huayun horizon has unique intelligent color correction technology, which makes the color more beautiful and natural.
1. Using the most advanced UV2A LCD crystal arrangement technology: bright field, energy saving, ultra-high light efficiency, dark field without leakage, ultra-high contrast 6ms response speed, image smoother.
2. The spliced screen has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, non-radiation, long service life, long-term uniform brightness and no maintenance. Its backlight system has no glass material, safe transportation, and the panel shell material is strong and not easy to be damaged.
3. LCD unit adopts the most advanced LED backlight technology, which greatly improves the overall display effect of splicing unit and has outstanding technical characteristics.
4. Ultra-narrow LCD splicing wall is widely used in video surveillance, telecommunications, public utilities, process processing, traffic control, security surveillance and national defense, stage entertainment, TV studio, stock securities, large-scale exhibitions, shopping malls, banks, office halls, company reception screens, monopoly stores, dispatching command and so on.
Product characteristics: 
LED backlight makes the whole panel brightness uniform, image stable, no distortion, low power consumption. Super narrow stitching edge seam (0.88mm), more perfect visual experience.
1. High contrast: LCD screen has a contrast of 4000:1.
2. Better color saturation: The color calibration technology specially developed by the product can make the stitching wall achieve 92% high color saturation. Through this technology, color calibration of static and dynamic pictures can be carried out to ensure the accuracy and stability of picture output.
3. A broader perspective: PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment) technology, i.e. "Image Vertical Adjustment Technology". With this technology, the visual angle can reach double 178 degrees (horizontal and vertical).
4. Better reliability: LCD screen for monitoring center, display center design, support 365 days of non-stop work throughout the year, backlight life can reach more than 80,000 hours. LCD screen has longer life. Luminance uniformity, image stability does not flicker: LCD screen every point after receiving the signal has maintained that kind of color and brightness, belongs to the digital point-to-point display, so there is no problem like CRT scanning display. Such as image flicker, etc.
5. Environmental protection and health: LCD splicing screen has small calorific value, no radiation, no flicker, no eye damage, no harmful substances (such as lead, mercury, etc.). It is an environmental protection and health splicing curtain wall. In some developed countries in Europe and America, LED splicing curtain wall has replaced the traditional back-projection splicing curtain wall to become the mainstream.
6. Selection of splicing mode: LCD splicing display screen, in addition to the number of splicing arbitrary choice, the combination mode of screen (m * n) also has a variety of choices, can meet the needs of different places of use.





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