Function and application of horizontal touch all -in -one machine

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In people's daily life and work, we should often see them. Generally, they are often used in public places such as banks, supermarkets, hospitals, etc., and are mostly used for information query and information publicity. They are very advantageous. It will be simple and practical. What are the functions of the horizontal touch all -in -one machine and where are the applications?

1. Nine major functions of horizontal touch all -in -one machine

1. Touch types are divided into two types, infrared touch and capacitor touch, supporting handwriting input functions, and combined with other software governments and merchant APPs to achieve electronic whiteboards, drawings and other interactive gaming functions.

2. Multi -touch, the maximum support of 100 points, ten fingers, play with him as you want.

3. Professional design of 30 ° -90 °, large elevation angle, adjustable, and special base for touch models allows users to adjust the best use angle as they want.

4. Resistance, capacitance, infrared, optical touch screen, accurate positioning, fast response, refers to where to play.

5. There is no deviation in touch, can be automatically corrected, and can be performed accurately.

6. You can touch it in various ways such as fingers, soft pens.

7. High -density touch point distribution: more than 10,000 touch points for each square inch.

8. High definition, low environmental requirements, and high sensitivity. Suitable for various industries and industries.

9. Huayun Vision Touch All Machine is equipped with more than 10 million clicks of high -performance resistance, capacitors, and infrared touch screens. You do not need to use mouse and keyboards. Just click or scratch the screen with your fingers to achieve all the operations of the computer. The operation of the computer is easier. The innovation of the touch screen all is that it uses a multi -touch technology, which completely changes the way people interact with computer.

Second, the scope of application of horizontal touch all -in -one machine

The scope of application is wide, first of all, the inquiry of public information, such as the business query of the Telecommunications Bureau, the Tax Revenue Working Bureau, the Bank, the Power and other departments, and the information inquiries on the streets of the city; , Military instructions, video games, singing and ordering, multi -television teaching, real estate pre -sale, etc. In the future, horizontal all -in -one machines will enter our lives, the advantages of technology, convenience, and convenience will determine that he will be in our lives in our lives. It is everywhere.

Speaking of which, do you seem to have known each other? That's right, you must have seen it in daily life. There are many horizontal touch all -in -one machines such as the county seat and the first -tier cities of the avenue!





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