The LCD Stitching Screen Case of Shandong Tai'an Exhibition and Exhibition Industry, the 55-inch LCD Stitching Screen Project Case of Huayun shijie

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55 inch LCD mosaic screen

Large screen LCD scre

Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co.,Ltd. LCD splicing screen large screen supplier in Shandong Taian exhibition industry LCD splicing screen case, the scene used 55 inches LCD splicing screen, K-shaped base touch-in-one machine and 84 Inches wall hanging LCD advertising machine. 
Tai'an is located in the central part of Shandong Province, north of Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, south of Qufu, hometown of Confucius, founder of Confucian culture, east of Linyi, west of the Yellow River. It is 66.8 kilometers north of the capital city of Ji'nan and 74.6 kilometers south of Qufu, the sacred place of three holes. 
Tai'an is named for Taishan, and Taishan is safe for all. Located at the foot of Taishan, the city is built on the mountain and the mountain city is an integral whole. 
Mount Tai in Tai'an is a national key scenic spot with the reputation of "the first of the five mountains" and "the first mountain in the world", and is a world natural and cultural heritage. Tai'an was listed as the first batch of open tourist cities by the State Council in 1982. It is one of the central cities in central Shandong Province, an excellent tourist city in China and a famous historical and cultural city in China.。





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