Interactive transparent screen software -3D holographic display cabinet

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2023-11-08

With the innovation of science and technology, the traditional touch all in one machine has gradually transformed into the display effect of transparent cabinets, attracting more users to interact. It is also the "Transparent Cabinet 3D Interactive Software" that aims to better display transparent cabinets, form interactive display effects, effectively improve the overall operation display mode, enhance the new interactive methods of the software itself, and make the development of the market more diversified, And achieving the display effect of technological software applications is also an innovation in OLED screen technology.


In the process of development, the functions of the "Transparent Cabinet 3D Interactive Software" include:

1. The homepage can be set with N products, which automatically move slowly and seamlessly horizontally. Click to view more products

2. Click on each product to view product details;

3. Product details can be displayed in multiple images;

4. Unmanned touch advertising image playback, unmanned touch automatic homepage return, background music, startup software, automatic shutdown, etc;

5. It is possible to manage products on its own in the backend, effectively enhancing the interactive development mode of the software itself and achieving a progressive development mode of software technology.


Compared to traditional display cabinets, transparent display cabinets bring more fun to product displays and provide users with an unprecedented visual experience. It can enable viewers to better experience the interactive display effect of interactive transparent cabinets, form modern and intelligent exhibition hall progress and development achievements, promote social construction and development value, achieve market economy development ability, execute higher interactive effects, form a level of commercial display software development, effectively leverage the interactive experience that social science and technology progress and development can bring, and establish the development ability of transparent cabinet software application, Better maintain the effectiveness of social construction and development.





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