Do you really understand slide screens?

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Interactive slide screen is a product of the emerging exhibition hall industry. Slide TV, with its friendly interactive characteristics, is deeply loved by technology museums, museums, and many corporate exhibition halls.

1、 What is an interactive slide screen

Interactive slide screen is a new digital display method, which uses a dynamic and static combination mode composed of the background content of the slide screen. "Dynamic" refers to high-definition LCD screens that can be interactively displayed on the front end, while "static" refers to the auxiliary content presented on the exhibition wall or booth as the background. The presentation methods usually choose lightboxes, static display boards, or LCD splicing screens.

2、 What is the working principle of an interactive slide screen

The working principle of an interactive slide screen is to use the display screen to slide on a slide similar to a coordinate axis, triggering a sensing signal at a specific position, and then fully and completely displaying the content in conjunction with the background assistance of different positions. In addition, in addition to the slide screen automatically displaying information according to system settings, it can also achieve the effect of switching display content through human interaction.

3、 Advantages of slide display screen

1. High cost-effectiveness, widely used in the exhibition and display industry;

2. Customizable playback window position and size;

3. It can provide excellent interaction, allowing customers to no longer be bound by the explanations provided by the guidance personnel; Customers are not constrained, and are no longer limited by the personal qualities and level of guidance personnel; Displaying more specifically and impressively can leave a very deep impression on customers;

4. Application of electric slide rails: Innovative Wei electric slide rails can be used in fields such as science museums, museums, and enterprise exhibition halls due to their convenient use and highlighting the sense of technology;

5. Visitors can manually or automatically move the slide TV to display information in the corresponding area. The sliding track television carries a huge amount of information, therefore, the usage rate of technology exhibition halls, planning exhibition halls, museums, high-end exhibition halls and other occasions is very high;

4、 What are the application scenarios for interactive slide screens

Interactive slide screens are widely used in enterprise digital exhibition halls, museums, memorials, conference halls, and other fields due to their excellent explanatory function. Nowadays, they have also been tried and applied in shopping malls, large exhibitions, and high-end stores. The content is usually displayed in combination with auxiliary images such as display walls and Document camera.






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