What are the application fields of multimedia technology?

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Multimedia technology has the characteristics of intuitionistic and easy to understand, large amount of information and fast transmission, which greatly promotes the rapid development of multimedia technology. Therefore, the application of multimedia technology is very extensive, almost all walks of life and all aspects of people's lives.

At present, multimedia technology has been widely used in industries, agriculture, commerce, finance, education, entertainment, tourism guides, real estate development and other fields, especially in information query, product display, advertising and other fields. The following are just a few of the main aspects.


1. Education and training

The application of multimedia technology will change the traditional teaching mode and make great changes in teaching materials and learning methods. Multimedia technology can replace some text textbooks with electronic books with sound, pictures and text, show students rich knowledge in a more intuitive and active way, change the inflexible learning and reading methods in the past, and better teach people and enjoy teaching.

Multimedia technology can not only display pictures, words and colorful information, but also provide human-computer interaction. Through this interactive learning method, learners can choose what they want to learn according to their own basis and interests. This active participation mode can improve the enthusiasm and interest of learners. It is expected that multimedia technology will be more and more applied to modern educational practice in the future, promoting the development of the entire education.

2. E-commerce

Through the Internet, customers can browse various products displayed on the Internet by merchants, and obtain price lists, product descriptions and other information to order their favorite products. E-commerce can greatly shorten the sales cycle, improve the working efficiency of sales personnel, improve the quality of customer service, reduce the cost of listing, sales, management and delivery, and form new advantages. Therefore, multimedia technology will help e-commerce become an important means of sales in society.

3. Information release

Companies, enterprises, schools and even government departments can establish their own information websites, and use a lot of media information to introduce the history, strength, results, needs and other information of the department in detail, so as to show themselves and provide information services. In addition, information publishing is not the prerogative of large organizations. Everyone can establish their own information homepage or website. Today's WeChat friends circle makes information release and dissemination convenient and fast, and is favored by smartphone users.

4. Commercial advertisement

The combination of multimedia advertising systems such as shopping malls, stations, airports and hotels with LCD screens, TV walls and other display devices can complete various functions such as advertising production and commodity display. This kind of advertisement is colorful and vivid, which often gives people a shocking visual impact.

5. Film and television entertainment industry

When computers first appeared, people mainly used them to judge mathematical operations and logic. Later, people developed sound, graphics and image processing functions on computers, and added entertainment functions to computer systems. With the development of multimedia technology, the use of multimedia technology has become a trend in the film entertainment industry.

6. Games

The game has the stimulation of multimedia feeling. Players can easily enter the role through computer interaction with the game, and feel immersive, so the game is very popular with players.

7. Electronic publishing industry

CD publications made with multimedia technology have shown a rapidly developing sales trend in the CD market of audio and video entertainment, electronic books, games and product advertising. The emergence and development of electronic publications not only change the distribution, reading, collection, management and other ways of traditional books, but also have a great impact on the concept of human traditional culture.

8. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a new technology closely related to multimedia technology. It provides users with a virtual world formed by a three-dimensional image environment that truly reflects the changes and interactions of the manipulated objects through the comprehensive application of computer images, simulation and simulation, sensors, display systems and other technologies and equipment in the way of simulation, It also provides users with a 3D interactive user interface that interacts with the virtual world through special devices (such as helmets and data gloves).

9. Industrial and scientific computing

Multimedia technology has a very important practical application value in the industrial production real-time monitoring system, especially in the field of production equipment fault diagnosis and production process parameter monitoring. Especially in some dangerous environments, multimedia real-time monitoring system will play an increasingly important role.

Applying multimedia technology to visualization of scientific computing can dynamically display abstract and boring data in 2D or 3D graphics and images, and synchronously display the internal causes of the research object and its shape changes. Applying multimedia technology to simulation experiment and simulation research will greatly promote the development of scientific research and design.

10. Medical imaging

The common feature of modern advanced medical diagnosis technology is that, based on modern physical technology, with the help of computer technology, medical images are digitized and reconstructed. Computers play a vital role in the imaging process. With the continuous improvement of clinical requirements and the development of multimedia technology, a new generation of medical diagnosis system with multimedia processing function has emerged. The multimedia medical imaging system dwarfs the traditional diagnostic technology in terms of media types, media media, media storage and management methods, diagnostic auxiliary information, visualization and real-time, and causes a revolution in the medical field. At the same time, multimedia technology also plays a vital role in network remote diagnosis.

11. Cultural relics protection

China is a world famous ancient civilization country with a long history, culture and rich cultural relics. Some cultural relics are difficult to preserve, and their color changes with the passage of time. In order to preserve the original appearance of the cultural relics, photos can be taken for future viewing and reference when it is able to repair. In addition, 3D models of precious cultural relics or endangered cultural relics can be made. In addition, multimedia technology can be applied to the protection of intangible cultural heritage to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. Multimedia technology plays an important role in the protection and restoration of cultural relics.


In addition to the application fields of multimedia technology introduced above, multimedia technology is also used in the tourism industry, such as the tour guide system of tourist attractions and the multimedia display of world beauty and local customs. In fact, with the constant updating and development of multimedia technology, new application fields will also emerge with the rich imagination of human beings.






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