The application scope and field of holographic showcase

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When we were visiting the museum now, 3D holographic project cabinets are almost one of the essential exhibition items for the display of every museum product display
There are two main reasons for the reason why 3D holographic projection shows prevail in the museum.
On the one hand, the protection of cultural relics, on the other hand
The holographic display cabinet is currently commonly used in shopping malls, exhibition halls, museums and other places. The advantages of lightweight, beautiful, and disassembling bento are sought after by many people.
The holographic display cabinet is independently displayed, the amount of storage information is large, and there is a plane suspended function.
Can make customers clear every detail of the product


Let's take a look at the use of 3D holographic display cabinets in the market!


1. The real estate industry

The 3D holographic display cabinet is applied to the real estate industry real estate display due to its strong three -dimensional flat flat sense, good visual, and great absorption power.
The 3D holographic display cabinet can make the displayed content more common. Buyers can choose a model house type on the computer to walk freely and watch from different perspectives
Can make customers get the true feelings of self -setting


After its common display method, the 3D holographic display cabinet can reach the customer's interactive display effect on the real estate selective interaction, so that the buyer has more understanding of the real estate through the convenient way of viewing the real estate
Greatly promoted the speed of contract signing


2. Convention and Exhibition

With the progress of society from time to time, the holographic display cabinet stepped into the industry exhibition hall step by step
Industry exhibitions are platforms for displaying corporate strength from all walks of life. The 3D holographic display cabinet has become the darling of the exhibition with the display of three -dimensional images and multimedia technology.
Users can feel the internal structure, characteristics, functions, etc. of the product more and more, and can also intuitively determine the value of the product


Due to its excellent technology wrist, the 3D holographic display cabinet assists the company's excellent and effectively stop product display, which has effectively promoted the improvement of the corporate image and the cognitiveness of buyers' cognition of the product


3. Large shopping mall

In order to efficiently display the central advantages of the product, increase the customer's stop time and make the customer excite the purpose of excitement consumption, the 3D holographic display cabinet plays an important role in the display of the commodity display of large shopping malls
Customers can display the cabinet of the product through the naked eye 3D holographic display cabinet, at a glance at a glance,
This can well understand the appearance characteristics of the product


The 3D holographic display cabinet uses the advantages of its high -end quality perception, completes the separation of images from physical objects, and the combination of artistic aesthetic value is in the same display effect, thereby promoting consumers' desire to purchase goods.


The real estate, exhibition center, and the center of large shopping squares are the often places of 3D holographic showcases. From 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 -degree holographic showcases, they often see
Just like we go to the watch store, you can see a watch turning there and go there
This is the effect of the holographic showcase!





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