Multimedia central control systems can control those devices

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The central control software is divided into the central control service program (receiving end) and the control terminal (mobile phone, tablet, iPad). For the built -in central control program services, users only need to install the APP client on mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. It can be operated in the area network of the exhibition hall. The software operation is graphical, the icon state is rich, and the managers are clear at a glance.


What can the central control system be controlled?

1. Open or turn off the entire exhibition hall with one click: You can open or close the electrical equipment of the entire exhibition hall through the control end such as: light, projector, electric screen cloth, rail equipment, audio and video, touch all -in -one machine, computer, LCD stitching Screen, LED display, etc. It can be turned off according to the level of the exhibition hall.


2. Light control: Intelligent light control system, the control server control module through the light control server can remotely control AC contactor switch;


3. Computer switching control: The computer can be controlled by the motherboard settings and the network mode. Pure software controls the computer to turn on and shut down. There is no need to add a device and no need to connect to the inside of the computer. The computer can be turned on. The control software of iPad and Android versions can directly wake up all computers through the network without allowing the central control server to turn on for 24 hours.


4. Projector switching control: It can be turned on and controlled the projector through the RS232 serial port or the project network IP address, the shutter switch and other signals can be controlled, and multiple projectors of the same type can be controlled at one time.


5. Infrared equipment control: can control all equipment related to infrared related equipment such as: TV, infrared touch all -in -one, infrared air conditioning, etc.


6. Rail switch control: Control all the device with orbit and motor. Such as: sliding rail screen, sliding screen, electric curtains, rail electrical doors, corporate access control management, etc.


7. Audio control: The audio system of the entire exhibition hall can be controlled.


8. Lien sound and video control: Playing, suspension, volume adjustment, whether stretching, full -screen playback, full -screen playback, automatic pop -up before playback, automatic pop -up welcome pictures through tablet or mobile phone can be automatically popped up after the playback. Play with the video. Different content is placed on different stitching screens without adding video converters, allocation or video matrix.


9. Electronic sandbox linkage control: The opening and closing of the lighting area of the sand table can be controlled by the IPAD, Android tablet, laser pens, and induction of the people. It can be linked to rendering lights, projection rendering, shake headlights, and shooting lights. When the digital sand table needs to introduce which area, when the video also needs to be linked to the current area, you can get it with one button or one -button laser pen.


10. Control of all IO switching devices: Through access to the relevant control cables to the line board of the relevant IO device, effectively control the IO device through the network combined with RS232/485, such as central air conditioning and heating equipment, which can connect the physical buttons. Can also be controlled through the network.


11. Screen positioning: Putting reasonable positions through the requirements of screens or videos to display reasonable positions, you can achieve painting in the painting, or display different content in each position.


12. Simulation keyboard and mouse operation: As long as the keyboard and mouse can do on the computer, our central control system can do it, that is, the operation of the keyboard and the mouse can be simulated.


13. Call the external software code: The intelligent central control system can call the external software code to control the relevant content. It can also call Flash content resources to control Flash.


14. Open the external program or browser: The intelligent central control system can open all the external programs, call the program, or open the software or put content made of using the browser. Essence





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