The naked eye 3D large screen advertisement shows the scientific and technological style

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In recent years, the naked eye 3D large screen has appeared frequently in our life, which brings us great surprise every time it appears. The large screen display and realistic 3D effect attract pedestrians to stop and shoot
At the same time, it also triggered a heated discussion on outdoor multimedia digital art in the industry.



With the continuous updating of outdoor multimedia, outdoor multimedia display is no longer limited to building projection, central control lighting and other contents,
With the addition of naked eye 3D technology, the former SM building, Chongqing Guanyinqiao and Chengdu Taikooli's naked eye 3D effects have brought a warm response on the Internet and short video apps,
In the industry, naked 3D is regarded as a display form for creating new landmark media.

Open eye 3D large screen

Seeing this, we might as well talk about the advantages of the large naked eye 3D screen. The advertising industry has transformed traditional print advertising into naked eye 3D advertising,
Its novel and shocking display form has brought indescribable visual impact to viewers,
This is also a way to impress viewers.

Secondly, the second propagation rate of naked eye 3D advertising and the publicity effect are all visible to the naked eye,
In the current Internet era, no matter the brand itself or the enterprise itself,
Heat and flow have a great impact on its subsequent development.

In addition, the growing maturity of naked eye 3D has also changed the single advertising market,
It also shows us the charm of multimedia technology, which is also a kind of knowledge dissemination for us. What problems will naked 3D face in the display market in the future?
Can we keep the present surprise and achieve technological breakthrough? It is still in the unknown stage, but it still deserves our attention.





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