LED transparent screen unlocking more possibilities

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With the flood of outdoor advertising LED display, problems such as urban image occur.
The LED display can play the function of litting cities and cloth information when working.
But when "rest" is like a "scar" of the city, which greatly affects the beauty of the city.
The LED transparent display not only integrates all the advantages of conventional outdoor high -definition LED display, but also eliminates the aesthetics of urban cities to the greatest extent.
At present, this material of LED Optoelectronics Glass has been widely used in major fields.
Mainly used in building glass curtain walls, night scene brightening applications, transportation hub applications, container transformation, sky curtain sun room,
Bridge guardrail, retail store window, etc.

In addition, with the gradual deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, the outdoor media industry must naturally meet the wave of this concept and make choices that conform to the times.
With the intensification of energy shortage and environmental pollution, the materials used in traditional outdoor advertisements such as PVC, polyethylene, and plastic packaging are extremely harmful to the environment.
At the same time, there are also high energy -consuming problems, so the use of new energy -saving and environmentally friendly materials for outdoor advertisements is the key to solving this problem.
LED transparent screen has obvious advantages in terms of materials and energy consumption.
At the same time, it is also in line with the trend of extensive combination of outdoor media with display technology.


Although transparent screens are far less popular as "small spacing" as a segmentation field, the future development space of transparent screens is very large, and its display technology will be further improved.
Now the transparent LED display is developing in several directions:
1. Smaller spacing, high contrast, high grayscale, high refresh rate, displaying the screen is more delicate;
2. Interaction of the human screen, the audience can interact with the display, the effect of advertising will be better, and the commercial value of transparent screens will be further prominent;
3. Energy -saving and environmental protection, the breakthrough brought by Jun Yin technology to transparent screens.
This can not help but make people have infinite reveries in the role of transparent screens in the future.
With the replacement of urban infrastructure facilities, the "smart outdoor advertising transparent screen system\\
Through these LED transparent screens, we can get information more conveniently and experience a better visual meal.
Let our city life shine.

The future advertising position will definitely be wise, not the advertising position of advertising.
What do you say? The first glance that people see first are shocked by the sense of technology. When it is found that it is an advertisement, it is a state that is easy to accept.
Such advertising content is also easier to persuade people passing by.
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