What are the application fields of LCD splicing screen?

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The LCD mosaic screen is a frequent visitor in the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall. We can often see that it exists in the form of playing promotional videos. In fact, the LCD mosaic screen can play its role in many fields and occasions. Today, let's talk about its applications:


1. Meeting room

The LCD splicing screen can stop the work report through the transmission line and multimedia equipment, transmit the voice, image and document data to each other, complete the real-time and interactive communication, improve the quality of the meeting, and enable the scattered departments to receive the information quickly. It not only saves time and money, but also brings the feeling of face-to-face communication in the traditional meeting to every participant, greatly improving the meeting effect.


2. Education industry

With the rapid development and progress of computer network and display equipment, under the guidance of the general policy of information visualization to drive the modernization of education, various colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools have suspended the establishment and transformation. As a large screen display device, LCD splicing screen is widely used in school conference rooms, ladder classrooms, multimedia classrooms, campus cultural wall display and invigilation systems.


3. Shopping malls

We can always see some promotional activities in the mall, and the LCD mosaic screen, with its super large, high-definition image quality playing characteristics, is the first to display the picture information of the promotional products completely and vividly, and the visual angle is large, no matter which area, space or angle can be good enough to attract consumers' attention, so that consumers can clearly see the applicable information of today's promotional products price and placement position as soon as they enter the mall, Absorb the eyes of consumers, improve the shopping experience, and further bring profits to the mall.

The LCD splicing screen has various forms and can be spliced at will, and it can provide visitors with high-definition picture quality and shocking visual effects. I believe it will be used in more fields in the future.






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