Advantage analysis of interactive slide rail screen

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2023-12-21

The interactive sliding rail screen is rich in content in the exhibition hall design, which can let visitors know more about the relevant content, enhance their goodwill towards the enterprise and expand their popularity. In the future, the interactive slide screen will also be applied in more places, bringing more convenient applications to users.

Application advantages of interactive slide screen software;

1. Arbitrary replacement with large carrying capacity: it integrates pictures, texts and videos, and carries a lot of information. The boring texts are vividly displayed on the video, which makes the information release and product introduction of the exhibition hall more automatic. And the content information is easy to update and replace, which lays a solid foundation for displaying different content in different periods.

2, save the beautiful space of the venue: the general interactive slide screen is attached to the wall, so it is more economical in space occupation, on the other hand, it also realizes power saving, low carbon and environmental protection.

3. Interesting interactive display: The interactive slide screen has strong interactivity by combining video, pictures and words. Interactive multi-touch mode allows visitors to enjoy the experience and interest brought by intelligent technology while mastering the necessary information. On the one hand, it can reduce the burden of manual explanation, on the other hand, it can replace boring traditional language and graphic explanation with interesting three-dimensional animation, which will make tourists more willing to accept it, and the interactive way will attract visitors to watch it and better promote it.

4. Promotion of explanation information is more detailed: let customers no longer stick to the explanations of the guides and feel free. The use of interactive slide screen can intuitively and vividly present the overall situation, structural principle and performance of various products inside and outside the enterprise, realize the organic combination of images, texts and animations, and make tourists more interested. The cool display effect not only greatly enriched the content of the exhibition hall, but also attracted the attention of visitors. It is more specific, comprehensive and shocking, which can give customers a very deep impression.

At present, the interactive slide screen is widely used in digital exhibition halls, museums and enterprise exhibition halls. This novel interactive display method can attract visitors' attention, deepen people's impression of the displayed content, and the content of the slide screen is also very rich, which can be better publicized.

The display mode of interactive slide rail screen is a combination of static and dynamic mode of slide and background content. The interactive sliding screen breaks the traditional touch interaction, which makes people have a deeper understanding and cognition of exposure. The interactive effect of the experience is excellent and the visual experience is shocking. The use of interactive slide screen is the advantage of the exhibition hall to show its own exhibition, which can let visitors or customers know more about various exhibition information and provide visitors with a convenient exhibition platform. With the development of science and technology, as a new intelligent multimedia display technology, interactive slide screen will be welcomed by more and more industries.





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