The Implementation Principle and Application Advantages of Holographic Projection Sand Table

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With the continuous development of technology in the field of multimedia and visual display, the application of holographic projection has made tremendous progress, and the display methods have become more diverse. It has started to be widely used in real life, and has won the love of consumers with its unique display methods and stunning visual effects. The holographic projection sandbox, jointly created by holographic projection and digital sandbox technology, combines the advantages of both and achieves stunning display effects. So how did it achieve this? Let's take a closer look together.

Holographic projection sand table is a high-tech digital sand table that uses holographic imaging technology. Through 360 degree holographic imaging, the three-dimensional image is reflected optically through holographic glass, refracted in the center of the structure of the regular triangle or inverted triangle, giving people a sense of three-dimensional and illusory.


The application of holographic projection sandbox includes an interactive system, which allows people to finely manipulate virtual image content and effectively query information through external facilities such as gestures or tablets or all-in-one machines.

Application field:

1、 Real estate

The holographic projection sand table can vividly display the information of a real estate in a vivid and vivid way, which can include unit design, surrounding environment, surrounding public facilities, etc. Through the holographic digital sand table, a lot of information can be vividly displayed. For example, real estate holographic digital sand table: unit design, surrounding environment, surrounding public facilities, etc., allowing customers to have a detailed understanding of various property information, making it convenient for customers to choose the suitable unit, achieving a certain effect of promotion and marketing. Convenient for customers to have a deep understanding of the information of various properties, achieving the integration of publicity and marketing.

2、 Enterprise Exhibition Hall

The holographic projection sand table has a very strong space utilization rate, which can effectively make full use of various spaces for display. The design of the digital sand table area takes into account multiple functions, and can also easily switch and operate the space. The theme can also be freely switched, so there is no need for particularly troublesome decoration and design. The space achieves the standard of maximum utilization and can also play a more functional effect, The holographic projection sandbox area can also demonstrate the functionality of a multifunctional hall.

The holographic projection sand table can display the internal design and structure of enterprises and companies, allowing customers to quickly understand the enterprise, and is a high-quality choice to enhance the corporate image.


3、 Urban planning

Urban geographic information is relatively complex. By using holographic projection sand tables to scale down urban sand table models, urban information can be easily understood and understood by visitors. The virtual digital sandbox can not only be displayed, but also incorporate interactive elements when needed, such as controlling content changes with hands, stretching and zooming in on maps with both hands, making display more convenient.





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