Splendid china's prosperous birthday

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2022-09-30

In this season of golden laurel fragrance, the motherland celebrates its 73rd birthday.
73 years of magnificent, 73 years ago, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains covered with splendid scenery, and enjoyed happiness in a peaceful and prosperous time.
I wish the Chinese nation a new era and a new glory, and I wish the motherland a strong and prosperous future forever!
On this day of national celebration, for you and your family to have a full and safe holiday,

According to the provisions of national statutory holidays, we hereby notify you of the 2022 National Day holiday arrangements as follows:

Holiday time:
October 1st to October 7th (7 days in total)

Leave time:
Go to work from October 8th (Saturday) to October 9th (Sunday)


According to the instructions of Shenzhen CDC, try to choose to spend the holidays locally.

Avoid going to the county (city, district) where the middle and high risk areas are located, and do not go to the city where the middle and high risk areas are located unless necessary.

If it is really necessary to go deep, please know the epidemic situation and prevention and control policies of your destination before you travel, and plan your travel route reasonably.

You must hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate when you leave.






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