Interactive touch electronic picture frame, not just a picture

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The reason why human beings are great is that they can create, the reason why art is brilliant is that they move people's hearts, and the reason why Shangxian keeps pace with the times is that they need art and innovation all the time,
Today, I will introduce the "Interactive Picture Frame" to you.
Intelligent interaction - electronic picture frame is an innovative touch on-demand device,
Its magic lies in the combination of art and multimedia technology, and the integration of them into the scene, so that the exhibition contents can be expressed in a multimedia interactive frame to complement each other.

The interactive picture frame is not only a picture, but also can design the content into a figure picture and text introduction,
Its core technology is: scene art appearance multimedia interactive integration system. Touch and click to make a sound or play a movie.
The interactive picture frame of the audio version can adopt the figure text mode, and the corresponding voice can be set in each symbol (it can be a song or a recorded speech).


The interactive picture frame of the video version is composed of LCD display screen,
The appearance and pattern of the exhibition board can be designed with maps (such as Shenzhen Special Zone, Shanghai Special Zone, and World Map), and can be marked with names on the map, and the propaganda film can be set on the corresponding points through the background system.
At present, the audio version and video version of the interactive picture frame can support up to 24 channels of on-demand.

At present, most of the interactive electronic picture frames appear in art museums, libraries, party building museums, museums, youth rule of law exhibition halls and other fields,
It is perfectly hidden in the space of art in the form of multimedia interaction. The water and the sky are the same color, moistening things silently. The interactive picture frame is in the form of new multimedia interactive on-demand,
The theme videos, pictures and texts of the exhibition were passed on to the visitors, achieving the exhibition effect of quietly planting in the heart, delivering power and remembering.

In recent years, "Huayun Vision" has created many novel interactive devices driven by the development of science and technology.
With the spirit of "unlimited creativity and supreme experience", it is dedicated to museum, real estate, urban planning, including exhibition planning and system integration, interactive multimedia, virtual reality, digital display film and other fields
Create many visual display results and solutions. It will enrich the exhibition and make life more creative.





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