What is the difference between LCD splicing screen and traditional projection?

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1. Display screen size

 LCD splicing screen is a product that can be spliced. The number of splicing can be arbitrarily selected according to the size of the conference room. The size of a single screen is 46 inches, 49 inches, 50 inches and other specifications. If you want to maintain the screen ratio of 16:9, you can use 2 * 2, 3 * 3, 4 * 4 splicing methods, and the area of the display screen can be large or small.


Although the projection screen also has a size, it is relatively fixed, and can not be changed according to the size of the room. This can not be seen in some small conference rooms. If it is applied to some meeting rooms with more than a few hundred square meters, the contents on the screen can not be seen clearly when viewed from a distance.


2. The resolution is different

The resolution of single screen of LCD splicing screen can reach 1920 * 1080, and 4K resolution display can be achieved after 4 splicing. Most of the current high-definition film sources can be played, such as 1080p pictures and 4K 3D movies, etc. to achieve the best playback effect. The resolution of projection is not as good as liquid crystal. It simply projects the contents of the computer onto the screen, which can not reach the high definition standard.


3. The contrast and brightness are different  

The contrast of LCD splicing screen can reach 5000:1, and the brightness is more than 500CD / m2, so when displaying images, the whole picture feeling is more rich, and the color contrast is also very strong, which is basically the same as we usually watch TV.


However, the image we see in the projection is a little white, and the contrast is low, especially when there is light beside the curtain, it is easy to see the content above, and it is necessary to turn off the light. If it is a little farther away, the effect is poor.


4. Functional differences 

On the basis of splicing, LCD splicing screen can realize cross screen, overlay roaming, segmentation and other functional display, which can meet the requirements of multiple computer signal delivery at the same time. In addition, it can also realize finger touch function through infrared touch box, which is more functional. And projection can only be through a computer to put a picture, the function is very simple.


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