What are the advantages of outdoor advertising machines?

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in recent yearsoutdoorsThe market demand for advertising machines is rising, especially inSince 2018, the construction of smart cities has been vigorously promoted by the country, and the demand for smart innovation services has also been risingoutdoorsAdvertising machine and other smart city terminal products"More limelight". Benefited fromliquid crystalThe smart city terminal formed by the combination of industry and smart city ecology plays an important role in smart city construction,Huayun VisionofoutdoorsThe advertising machine has been highly recognized in the market and has opened a corner of the development scene. Now let's take a simple inventory of the optionsHuayun Vision OutdoorThe reason of advertising machine.

High brightness, high-definition, better effect

Huayun VisionOutdoor brightness of advertising machineHigh,Under strong light, the screen display remains high-definition and delicate. At the same time, it also uses diversified presentation forms to make the content displayed by the advertising machine more likely to attract more people's attention.


Automatic brightness adjustment, more energy saving

Nowadays, there is a great pursuit of energy conservation in society. For advertising machines, brightness adjustment is the only way to reflect the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction, because the greatest use of advertising machines is display.Huayun Vision OutdoorThe advertising machine breaks the bottleneck of insufficient brightness in the daytime and too bright at night in the past, realizes automatic brightness adjustment, reduces the self heating of each unit, achieves energy-saving effect and effectively avoids urban light pollution.

Intelligent temperature control, longer service life
outdoorsThe internal structure of the advertising case is complex and there are many components. When the advertising case is running at the same time, it will generate heat. If certain inhibition measures are not taken, it will crash. Therefore,Huayun VisionIn terms of design, the performance of the advertising machine is greatly reflected. An intelligent temperature control fan is added inside the box, which can avoid the heating problem even if the box is in an overloaded working state. It can also eliminate the phenomenon of anti fog, anti frost and anti condensation, so that the service life of the advertising machine is longer.

Cluster control, simpler management
becauseoutdoorsAdvertising machines are widely distributed, and there will be some difficulties in management. Based on this consideration,Huayun VisionThe advertising machine adopts cluster control. The advertising machine terminal of any access system can be managed through 3G, 4G, WIFI and other access platforms. Through the server, the global terminal can be controlled without restriction to achieve wireless remote real-time publishing of information. It can also group the accessed advertising machines. Different groups play different content, with synchronous switching, low delay, reduced operating costs and simpler management.

outdoorsThe advertising machine not only has a variety of display modes, but also has many creative and new interactive functions, which are reflected in precise positioning, intelligent real-time monitoring and voice interaction, helping users achieve more sophisticated management and maximize benefits.

Huayun VisionSince its establishment, it has always taken the service of smart city construction as the goal, relying on the core teammany yearsAnd market experience, follow the innovative thinking mode, and combineliquid crystalDisplay technology, development and design to provide indoor and outdoor intelligence in smart city constructionAdvertising machine, touchAll in one machine and other series of terminal products.






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