Why is the conference room display system willing to use small space LED display?

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In recent years, with the continuous increase of market demand and the deepening of the strategic layout of expanding new markets, small spacing LED screen enterprises have "focused" on the field of conference screen. So, in the conference room, what are the application advantages of small spacing LED screen?

1、 No seam

Due to the close splicing between modules, the whole screen can be almost imperceptible without seam. When used in remote video conference, the face of the character will not be cut. When displaying documents such as word, Excel, PPT, etc., there will be no mixed seam and table separator line, resulting in misreading of the content. 


Two. Color and brightness consistency of the whole screen

Due to the modular combination, and can achieve point by point proofreading, after a long time of use, there will be no color and brightness inconsistency between modules, or even edge darkening, local color block darkening and other phenomena, to keep the whole screen height consistent.

3、 Large brightness adjustable range

Small space led conference screen usually can adjust its brightness in a large range, which makes it possible to adjust the normal display whether in bright or dark environment. In addition, low brightness and high gray technology can also achieve high definition in low brightness.

4、 Wide range of color temperature adjustment

Similarly, the small spacing LED screen can adjust the color temperature of the screen in a large range, so that applications requiring high color accuracy, such as studio, virtual simulation, medical, meteorological and other fields, can ensure the accurate restoration of the image.

5、 Wide perspective

The small space LED screen usually has a wide view angle of nearly 180 °, which can meet the needs of long-distance and side viewing in large conference rooms and halls.

6、 High contrast, high refresh

It can present a picture with higher definition and richer level, and there will be no drag shadow and other phenomena in the high-speed motion picture display.

7、 Thin box

Compared with traditional DLP, projection fusion and other methods, it saves more space. In the same size, it is more convenient to ship than LCD.

8、 Long life

Generally, it has a service life of 100000 + hours, which can effectively reduce the later use and maintenance costs and reduce the workload of maintenance personnel.

The above is just a few advantages of the application of small space LED panel in the conference room. With the gradual spread of the application of small space LED panel, there are more advantages waiting for us to explore.

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