What is digital exhibition hall and what is the advantage of digital exhibition hall?

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一、What is a digital exhibition hall?

Digital exhibition hall, also known as digital exhibition hall, multimedia digital exhibition hall, refers to the multi-media and digital technology as the display technology, the use of the latest film and television animation technology, combined with unique graphics and digital and multimedia technology, with a variety of novel technologies to attract visitors, the realization of human-computer interaction mode of the exhibition hall form.

Digital exhibition hall integrates various multimedia exhibition systems into a comprehensive display platform, including digital sand table, ring screen / arc screen / ball screen studio, greeting screen system, interactive bar, interactive mirror and touch screen, etc. At the same time, due to the integration of various high-tech technology, so that the exhibition hall has a great connotation and attraction, through the combination of video, sound, animation and other media applications, in-depth excavation of the exhibition object contains the background, significance, bring high-tech visual shock to the audience, greatly enhance the value of the brand.

二、Advantages of digital exhibition hall!

The digital exhibition hall has the advantage of intelligence. The exhibition hall usually has a main control system to control the classification, aggregation, reorganization, switching and so on of all items.
Interactivity is also a major feature of digital exhibition hall, digital exhibition hall projects are mostly using gestures, motion capture and other interactive means to control, so digital exhibition hall focuses on the interaction between users. This improves the interest of the whole exhibition hall.
Promotion of information technology
Information interaction, which is also a major feature of many projects through face recognition, or photo generation and other means of information interaction to show the nature of this not only improves the interaction, but also plays a role in the information of mobile phone users.

Through the 360-degree visual effect of the digital exhibition hall, will appear in the human settlements exhibition, the audience can enjoy the unlimited fun of digital technology in the network virtual space.

Digital exhibition hall can be used to publicize cultural relics and history, because of its technical advantages, it can play a very good role in the protection of cultural relics and historical references, even in high temperature and cold areas due to the characteristics of technology and equipment, without showing actual objects, the body will be the largest. The limits are expressed.
Because of its exaggerated form of expression and interactive experience, digital exhibition hall can actively mobilize the enthusiasm of participants, through sound and light will need to better convey the contents of the exhibition to visitors, so for enterprises, cultural relics, institutions are very practical value.






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