Application of Interactive Slide Screen in Exhibition Hall

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Interactive slide screen, as a new high-tech exhibition hall display product, is mainly composed of custom slide track, plasma TV, infrared sensor, light box and computer. Its biggest characteristic is interactive, which is very popular in museums, memorials and other multi-media exhibition halls. Now let's have a detailed understanding of the application of interactive sliding screen in the exhibition hall.。

What is Interactive Slide Screen
A variety of case pictures are embedded on the exhibition wall similar to the coordinate axis, and a set of sliding mechanical structures are made to suspend the LCD TV. The viewer can push the screen up, down, left and right, or let the screen move according to the way the customer needs to move. When the screen moves to different points, the screen automatically displays the details of the three-dimensional animation of the corresponding points.
Principle of Interactive Slide Screen
Through special design of mechanical sliding rail control device, combined with high-definition LCD splicing curtain wall, the interactive control of screen content is realized. Different touch points are set in the corresponding position, and sensor circuit devices are installed on the sliding track in advance. When the display screen is pushed to the induction point, the sensing signal will be triggered, and the corresponding content will be automatically switched on the display screen.


Application Advantages of Interactive Slide Screen
1. This interactive way will attract more visitors to watch, better to achieve the role of propaganda.
2. Television carries a huge amount of information. It saves more space than pictures and words, and can express more information that the organizers want to convey.
3. Once the visitors approached the exhibition, the large screen system started immediately, and realized automatic control. It can control multiple detection points at the same time, making the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random, realizing power saving, energy saving and low carbon environmental protection.
4. Even if the dull image of the text is displayed on the video, people are interested in reading, but also reduce the burden of the commentator, so that the empty explanation into a three-dimensional animation form, visitors can easily see at a glance, so that the release of exhibition hall information and product introduction are more automated.
5. Can bring very good interaction, so that customers no longer stick to the guidance staff's explanation. Customers are not bound, and are no longer restricted by the personal quality and level of the guides. Show more specific, more comprehensive, more shocking, can give customers a very deep impression.





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