Why use LCD mosaic screen to do monitoring system display terminal?

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Monitor the application scope of special splice display wall, why the monitoring room chooses LCD splicing screen to do display terminal splicing TV wall is a centralized display terminal of various signals (computer, video, network and so on). The large screen projection display system must have high resolution display, uniform color and stability, and can be used with various kinds of display systems. The characteristics of good signal compatibility. It provides a supplementary role for leaders' decision-making and command by quickly acquiring all kinds of dynamic image signals. The monitoring special mosaic TV wall is made up of multiple monitors. The application of special splicing TV wall is widely used. The products are widely used in electronic, network, communication and communication, port, radio and television, aeronautics and Astronautics, military command center, automation control center, safety monitoring center, expressway, railway information signal system and charging system, transmission and distribution, scientific research and so on. All the time, the monitoring room prefers to use LCD LCD as the monitor display terminal display monitor screen, from CRT, to later liquid crystal monitor, to the LCD splice screen, and the technology principle of CRT. Since the LCD LCD display technology, CRT has been changed quickly, just like the mobile phone with apple touch screen, the original button The way the mobile phone was quickly eliminated. LCD screen, that is, LCD screen, mentioned this, have to say his advantages, high definition, long service life, good stability, high cost performance, small area, low maintenance cost, these advantages, even do not need to think, can be enumerated in one time, the small series have seen a lot of large monitoring rooms, although the big screen TV wall is not liquid crystal. Splice screen, but DLP backdrop display, but really want to say the display effect, throw apart the effect of splicing gap on the TV wall, liquid crystal splicing screen is a good choice, similar to the small editor to see a lot of hospital operating room, and the old type projector or DLP, show the effect is not as good as liquid crystal splicing screen, so choose LCD splicing screen to do There is a reason for the special splicing wall for the monitoring room. For small and medium monitoring rooms, the LCD splicing screen is the priority of display terminal TV wall. Like the advantages mentioned in the small series, it is essential that each item is essential. For the 24 hour display monitoring room, the product is stable, the service life is important, how is the display effect? Do not think about it, why the LCD screen can be so accepted by the vast number of consumers, see your home TV will know, can be popularized to hundreds of millions of families, you think of the reasons, good products must stand up to time. Can you guarantee no after sale for electronic products? I believe no one can guarantee it, so the maintenance cost of the later period should be taken into account. The above is just the advantage that Xiaobian can think of on the liquid crystal mosaic screen. Of course, there are still many advantages. We can choose the monitor special splicing television wall, we can choose the huayunshijie. The huayunshijie is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of professional display and development. The company is mainly a LCD splicing screen, a liquid crystal monitor, a liquid crystal advertisement machine, a touch touch one, a LED display and so on. Multi model, low price, high quality guarantee, 24 hours pre sale and after-sales service escort you!

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