Advantages and features of seamless LCD panel display

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 LCD plus real "0" mm LCD splicing, using complementary point algorithm display technology to achieve point-to-point FHD display, real color restoration,

Data charts show no breakpoints, figures show no dividing lines, mosaic display is exactly like a screen.

Details of parameters of 55-inch seamless LCD splicing screen


55 "LCD seamless stitching perfect presentation, no longer troubled by black border

Show advantages

Due to the technical limitations of LCD itself, the LCD border is small, but points still exist, and can not be eliminated; LCD plus uses complementary point algorithm to display technology.

 Real "0" mm LCD splicing, point-to-point FHD display, true color restoration, data charts show no breakpoints.

The character display has no dividing line, and after splicing, the display is like a whole screen.

Display characteristics

Seamless LCD plus splicing

Say goodbye to the era of sewing and present the "crystal" color of liquid crystal perfectly

Point-to-Point Active Elimination of Joints

LCDplus uses precise logic calculation to place a relatively dense LED on the LCD frame, so that the original black frame can also present a delicate picture. It achieves the point-to-point display level, realizes the active elimination of seam splicing effect, and displays the whole screen synchronously. 

Flexible installation, complete picture as before

Modular installation, can be extended to any size and image continuous "seamless", flexible response to various scenarios; to black edge processing, let you next video At the meeting, there is no fear that the face will be "segmented".

Full HD support

Single screen supports 1920 *1080 full HD resolution input; after splicing, it supports 4K and 8K display, which can easily deal with the mainstream HD signal in the market.

High-quality selection of LCD splicing

After a long technological development, the traditional LCD splicing from the original 7.3 mm to 5.7 mm, and then to 3.5 mm to 1.8 mm, but still unable to. To "0" mm, LCD plus successfully breaks through this limitation through pixel filling technology, so that LCD splicing reaches "0" mm.

Color consistency

Through the internal color correction technology, the LCD panel and the active point of the pixel color display consistent, as a whole lifelike picture.





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