Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of LED Display Screen

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    Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of LED Display Screen

Like traditional electronic products, the large screen of LED display needs not only attention in the process of use, but also maintenance to make the large screen of LED display longer life. The problem of using large screen of full-color LED display is increasing, on the one hand, because the major manufacturers have reduced the material of the products in order to control the production cost, which leads to the premature aging of a few accessories of some products; on the other hand, it is caused by the inappropriate usage habits of users. The latter is more common. Here are some ways to maintain the large screen of full-color LED display.
  1.         Keep the humidity of the environment in which the full-color LED screen is used. Do not let anything humid enter your full-color LED screen. If the large screen of the full-color display with humidity is charged, the parts of the full-color display will be corroded and permanent damage will be caused.
  2.         To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection. We can try to keep the objects that may cause damage to the full-color display screen away from the screen, and wipe the screen as gently as possible when cleaning, so as to minimize the possibility of injury.
  3.         The large screen of full-color LED display has the closest relationship with our users, so it is very necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. Long exposure to the outdoor environment such as wind, sunshine, dust and other easily dirty, for a period of time, the screen must be a piece of dust, which requires timely cleaning to prevent dust from wrapping the surface for a long time to affect the viewing effect.
  4.         It is required that the power supply should be stable and the grounding protection should be good. It should not be used in harsh natural conditions, especially in strong thunder and lightning weather.
  5.         It is strictly forbidden to enter water, iron powder and other metal materials which are easy to conduct electricity in the screen body. Large screen of LED display should be placed in low dust environment as far as possible. Large dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will damage the circuit. If water is flooded for various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel until the display panel inside the screen is dry before it can be used.
  6.         Switching sequence of LED display: A: turn on the control computer to make it work properly before turning on the large screen of LED display; B: turn off the LED display screen first, then turn off the computer.
  7.         When playing, do not stay in full white, red, green, blue and other full bright screen for a long time, in order to avoid excessive current, excessive heating of power cord, damage of LED lamp, affecting the service life of the display screen. Do not disassemble or splice the screen at will!
  8.         It is suggested that the rest time of large screen of LED display should be more than 2 hours a day, and that the large screen of LED display should be used at least once a week in the rainy season. Usually, the screen is turned on at least once a month and lighted for more than 2 hours. (9) The surface of large screen of LED display can be wiped with alcohol, or with brushes and vacuum cleaners. It can not be wiped directly with wet cloth.
  9.         The large screen of LED display should be checked regularly to see if it is working properly and the circuit is damaged. If it is not working, it should be replaced in time. If it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Lead display screen internal wiring, non-professionals are prohibited to touch, in order to avoid electric shock, or cause damage to the wiring; if there are problems, please professional repair.






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