Advantages of LCD splicing screen in conference room

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With the use of Internet big data in recent years, the in-depth integration of information technology and conference rooms has been accelerated, and the transformation of modern conference rooms has been promoted. The planning of modern conference rooms will continue to be intelligently improved, taking full advantage of colors, lights, space differences, conference room pots, tables and chairs, etc. from the structure type of the conference room, but when it comes to large-screen display equipment in the conference room, there may be many People will first think of projectors, but the large screen display image quality of projector products is not so clear, bright, short service life, fragile, can not achieve the role required by users, the disadvantages of projector products one by one Is highlighted. At present, all domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions have selected large-screen splicing LCD screens as conference large-screen display equipment. According to statistics, the meeting room has now adopted 58% of LCD splicing screens. Then the advantages of using LCD splicing screens in conference rooms are shown in What aspects?

  The LCD splicing screen display is a full-automatic projection equipment integrating graphic correction, animation projection, audio frequency, and video integration. It has created a superior conference atmosphere for modern conference rooms, efficient communication and interaction, and enhanced the publicity of the conference content.

  The composition of modern conference room equipment is getting more and more advanced. The conference room contains the integration of functions such as multi-functional conference rooms, academic exchange conference halls, multi-functional world conference halls, modern training rooms, and command rooms. The application of LCD splicing screens can meet To meet the needs of modern conference rooms, realizing the LCD splicing plan is also the most important part of modern conference rooms.

The large LCD splicing screen has high-quality color resolution, intelligent brightness scheduling, color saturation, and active temperature control.It has low power consumption, no radiation, dust resistance, moisture resistance, and shock resistance. It can be used according to the user's input signal. Requirements, select different video processing systems to achieve the switching of various signals, splicing into a full-screen large-screen display, deliberate combination display, picture stretch display, picture travel display, picture overlay screen display, etc. Secondly, multiple input and output interfaces ensure that the large-screen display LCD function has greater compatibility and flexibility, and more to meet the different needs of different conference content.

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