Multimedia construction project of exhibition hall of Yuyao factory of Lingke automobile

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Project Name: Multimedia Construction Project for the Exhibition Hall of Yuyao Factory

To undertake the content: Multimedia construction of the exhibition hall-LED display screen, LCD splicing screen, touch one machine, central control control system, exhibition hall equipment control system and other supporting system

Undertaking company: Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Installation method: wall-mounted installation

Recently, the multimedia construction project of the Lingke Automobile Yuya Factory showroom has been successfully completed.

LYNK & CO (Chinese name: Lingke) is a new high-end car brand jointly established by Geely and Volvo in 2016. It integrates European technology, design, manufacturing and sales. Product development is all based on the compact modular architecture (CMA) developed by Volvo )platform. The Global Manufacturing Center is located in Yuyao City, Ningbo, and is the core production base of Geely's strategic layout. Huayun Vision undertakes the design and equipment installation of the entire exhibition system for the exhibition hall project. After many days of construction, installation and commissioning, the customer successfully accepted the project and met the requirements for program design and product application.

Entering the exhibition hall, the first thing that catches your eyes is the full-color P3 small-pitch LED display. The pixels are high and flat, the picture is clear, the picture quality is delicate and realistic, the color is thick, and the large-angle imaging display technology meets the wide-angle viewing without bias color. The overall appearance is beautiful, adding to the atmospheric image of the exhibition hall.

The sections of Link Technology, Link Impression, Link Culture and Link Honor use multiple sets of 55-inch 3.5mm seam LCD splicing screens and multiple 49-inch LCD display all-in-one machines in an orderly and staggered installation.

The highest resolution of the LCD splicing screen and the LCD display all-in-one machine reaches 1920 * 1080P, clearly showing every detail, 178 ° wide viewing angle, fuller color, constant brightness, no matter what angle, you can see at a glance. Various display modes such as full-screen, single-screen, picture-in-picture, image roaming, etc., use video extension technology to ensure that the image is not deformed or distorted.

The LCD splicing large screen display system is an important component of information display in the visual system of the exhibition hall. The LCD splicing large screen and the display integrated machine display system occupy an important role.

The global layout section uses multiple LCD display all-in-one machines and customized floor-to-ceiling all-in-one machines to increase the interaction with visitors. The design is beautiful and fashionable, perfectly integrated into the business / residential environment, the image is high-definition and high-brightness, showing the perfect high-definition picture quality, using infrared touch with high sensitivity, fast speed, human-computer interactive query fast and non-stop, making the display more vivid and lively Efficient, human-computer interaction is more intuitive, more convenient and faster.

Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of large-screen display systems such as LCD splicing screens, LCD advertising machines, and integrated machines. Since its establishment, with its long life, low maintenance cost, large viewing angle, low power consumption, low heat generation and other product characteristics, as well as its excellent performance, the reasonable price is in the domestic government, military, exhibition hall, commercial market and other Widely used in large areas. At present, the main application areas include security, command center, entertainment industry, corporate display, advertising media, exhibition center, power, education and so on.

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