Mirror advertising machine

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Simply speaking, the mirror advertising machine is a mirror that can play the advertising screen. It can play advertisements through a variety of modes without affecting the function of the mirror use function. So what is its principle characteristics and where is it mainly?


Principle of mirror advertising machine:

The mirror advertising machine is a successful application of mirror -display glass. Mirror -display glass is a optical lens made for mirror display equipment. The mirror display glass is composed of glass and display equipment. When the display device is turned off, the glass can hide the display system and present the mirror effect. When the display device is turned on, the light source can clearly display the imaging and animation on the glass through the glass.


Working method of mirror advertising machine:

If it is an inductive mirror advertising machine, when the human body is close to the mirror advertising machine, it will be used to the human body through infrared induction to the human body. The mirror is set immediately to play advertisements. When the human body leaves, it will automatically recover to the mirror.

If a flashing mirror advertising machine, without infrared sensor head, the displayed advertising screen is the state of circulating switching.


Features of mirror advertising machine:

1. Innovative use of tablet ultra -thin borderless technology, simple, exquisite, fashionable, and better media image.

2. Using image image restore technology, the advertising imaging is clearer, the visual experience is better, and the advertising effect is better.

3. Advertising affinity can not only look at the mirror, but also look at the advertisement at the same time to reduce the sense of rejection of advertising.

4. The screen utilization rate is improved, the unit advertising screen shows an increase of 10%, and the advertising efficiency is improved.

5. More intelligent, the system has the functions of time display and time switch, which is more intelligent, more power -saving, and more convenient to maintain.


The main application of mirror advertising machine:

Star Hotel, Star Restaurant, Star Hotel, Advanced Club, Advanced Club, Fashion Store and other high -consumption places are targeted at mid -to -high -end people, and are innovative media products tailored to the environment for mid -to -high -end consumer venues.


The above is the introduction of the principle and main application of the mirror advertising machine. Do you know more about the mirror advertising machine?What's more?






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