Chongqing Chinese Academy of Sciences Automotive City

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The Chongqing Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is selected from Zengjia Town of Science City,
with a total land area of about 2,000 acres and a total construction area of about 2 million square meters.
The project takes "the source of science and technology, landscape wisdom garden" as its positioning,
and focuses on the intelligentization of big data, biomedical, new materials, ecological environment, etc.
Planning and constructing the Silicon Base Light Technology Research Institute,
automotive software innovation research platform, and biomedical data science research center, etc.,
to build a world -class scientific and technological innovation park.

For the first time in Chongqing's main urban area, new technologies such as concrete prefabricated hollow columns,
large span pre -response hollow boards;
Comprehensively applied to the "light building" smart construction platform independently developed
by Metallurgical Sai Di to achieve digital, refined, and intelligent management methods of "Internet engineering construction".
To ensure construction safety and improve construction quality.

In order to show a sense of technology, multiple large -screen walls in the courtyard adopt a 55 -inch 1.8mm sewing LCD stitching screen of Huayun Vision.
The display effect is first -class, full of technology!


Real shot picture:

55 -inch 1.8mm 4x4 Hydraulic Maintenance Smedies (installed)

55 -inch 1.8mm 4x4 Hydraulic Maintenance Smedy installation (installation)

55 -inch 1.8mm 4x4 Hydraulic Maintenance Smedy installation (installation)

55 -inch 1.8mm 3x4 Substance of maintenance (installation) before hydraulic pressure (installation)

55 -inch 1.8mm 3X4 (installation)

55 -inch 1.8mm 2x4 (installation)

55 -inch 1.8mm 2x4 (installation)

55 -inch 1.8mm 2x4 Hydraulic Maintenance Smedy installation

55 -inch 1.8mm 2x2

55 -inch 1.8mm 1x2


55 -inch 1.8mm ultra -narrow edge stitching screen, the frame is strong and reliable, 1.8mm ultra -narrow bezel, reducing the distance between the borders,
when forming a large screen wall, if you look at the same screen;
Professional high -definition image processing technology, improve the color uniformity of the splicing wall (spliced by multiple stitching screens),
the picture looks very clean and tidy;
High -performance anti -glare surface treatment, decentralized reflex light of the surrounding light,
greatly improved the readability of the images and images displayed on the display.


Use hydraulic maintenance bracket embedded installation, the characteristics of the bracket before hydraulic maintenance:
Light weight, thick thickness book, and easy installation can be better integrated with the surrounding environment,
can save space more, and also facilitate later maintenance and after -sales service.





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