Network digital decoding matrix

Network digital decoding matrix

The digital network matrix supports group switching pictures, multi-screen automatic round robin, single-screen automatic round robin, and also supports video window roaming, free screen division, and splicing.

The digital network matrix supports 3840 * 2160P, 1920 * 1080P, 1280 * 720P, D1, CIF and other specifications and resolutions, suitable for the display requirements in different modes.

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产品详情 & 参数

Product model 4 Series 6 Series 8 Series 9 Series 12 Series 16 Series
Number of input channels 4-way RJ45, 4-way USB (dual port) 6-way RJ45, 6-way USB (dual port) 8-way RJ45, 8-way USB (dual port) 9-way RJ45, 9-way USB (dual port) 12-way RJ45, 12-way USB (dual port) 16 way RJ45, 16 way USB (dual port)
Output modes 4-way HDMI 6-way HDMI 8-way HDMI 9-way HDMI 12 way HDMI 16 way HDMI
Decoding format H. 264/H.265
Output resolution 3840* 2160@60HZ 1920* 1080@60HZ /50HZ/30HZ, 1366* 768@50HZ
Decoding ability Single card can display up to 16 channels, with 1 channel of 800W, 4 channels of 200W, 9 channels of 100W, and 16 channels of D1
network interface RJ45 10M/100M/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet port
Display response speed Less than 1 second
Ball control response speed Less than 1 second
source 220V
power dissipation ≤ 160W
working temperature -10 ℃ -+55 ℃
Working humidity 10% -90%
Product weight 2.5Kg-10Kg





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