Jiangxi Magu Group 55 -inch 3X3 stitching screen

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The Magu Industrial Group is located in Nancheng County, the Taoist Mountain, which is well -known in Dongtianfu. Nancheng is one of the earliest eighteen ancient counties in Jiangxi. It has a long history and a prosperous humanities.
Entering Nancheng in the 21st century, green mountains and green water, rich products, transportation in all directions, Fuyin Expressway, Jiguang Expressway, National Highway 206, Changsha First Highway, Xiangpi High -speed Railway, and the Yingshan Railway and Jiwu Railway , Make it a transportation hub of the long triangle, the Pearl River Delta, and the western coast of Fujian and Taiwan. The location and logistics advantages are becoming more and more prominent.

Magu Enterprise Exhibition Hall

55 -inch 3.5mm 3X3 stitching large screen embedded installation

Functional features of 55 -inch stitching screen:

1. Using IPS hard screen technology industrial -grade DID LCD screen, adopt an advanced dense LED light source backlight system, the backlight color reduction is good;

2. Adopt advanced UV2A LCD crystal discharge technology: bright field bright, energy saving, ultra -high -light energy efficiency, no light field without light. Ultra -high comparison, 6ms response speed, and the image is smoother. Professional LCD panels and components meet uninterrupted use for a long time;

3. Under sunlight, it can still be perfectly displayed. Rich input and output interfaces, VGA, DVI, HDMI, YPBPR, AV and other interfaces;

4. You can connect to the computer and various video equipment. The new "ultra -wide perspective extension technology" (S -PVA \\u0026 S -IPS), a 178 -degree perspective, can be viewed in all aspects;

5. Have a 3D comb filter, dynamic noise reduction technology. And with border compensation function, highly restore the real picture;

6. Adopt IPS hard screen technology, which can be placed horizontally or vertically;

7. Outdoor machine has a "automatic constant temperature" adjustment function, which can automatically detect the height of the internal temperature, thereby starting the fan to reduce the internal temperature;

8. Super long life (60,000 hours), running stable, without any burns, damage, low maintenance costs;

9. The unique modular design can be used for stitching walls or single -screen.






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