Case study of slide screen in Liangnong party mass service center

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-07-14

The total construction area of Liangnong Town’s New Era Party and Mass Complex is 3,250 square meters, covering the four major positions of the town committee’s party school, the party’s service center, the New Era Civilization Practice Institute, and the town’s volunteer service center, including political leadership, civilized practice, and convenient services. It is an open, multi-functional and professional party-mass service and red education comprehensive front integrating education, display, management, service and other functions. The complex takes the "red engine" as its core and uses the "co-resident, co-construction and sharing" model to fully release the comprehensive effects of grassroots party building that unites party members, serves the masses, and improves governance. Use the new multimedia display interactive slide screen to automatically play the corresponding content, the content can be pictures, text or video. It can be widely used in various display and publicity links. The physical products are combined with the background picture content in a sliding form to display to the masses in a new way, with interesting, technological, interactive, entertaining, and practical expressions that coexist with multiple effects. The effect is more prominent, and the publicity effect far exceeds that of traditional advertising screens. Through a variety of display forms and interactive means, the interactive experience of visitors is improved.


Live photos:梁弄党群服务中心-1.jpg





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