Customized scheme of slide screen in exhibition hall

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-07-22

In recent years, with the continuous development of intelligent technology, a new type of intelligent display equipment stands out from many products - Interactive slide screen, also known as slide TV and Exhibition slide screen. Due to the novel display mode and strong interaction, the slide screen is widely used in exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums and other occasions.

The principle of the slide screen in the exhibition hall is similar to that of the display wall of the coordinate axis. At the same time, a group of sliding mechanical slide rails are installed in front to hang the LCD touch screen. Sensing contacts are arranged at different positions on the slide rail in advance. When the audience pushes the slide rail screen by hand, each contact sensed by the slide rail TV will automatically play the corresponding content; The slide screen can also be moved automatically, and the content can be displayed without manual operation.

Huayun vision specializes in providing services such as slide screen scheme design, construction and installation for customers such as digital exhibition hall, museum, theme culture museum, Planning Museum, science and Technology Museum and enterprise exhibition hall. Huayun vision is located in Shenzhen, a special economic zone enjoying the reputation of "city of design" and "city of makers". Since its establishment, Huayun vision has been constantly exploring market demand and introducing advanced equipment and production technology.

The interactive slide screen is a high-tech new interactive display mode. The display content can be text, pictures, videos, etc. it has strong interactivity, so that customers are no longer confined to the explanation of the guide personnel, and are no longer limited by the personal quality and level of the guide personnel. The empty explanation can be transformed into a three-dimensional animation form, which can be more specific, comprehensive and shocking, and can give customers a very deep impression.





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