Case study of Zhangzhu service area of Yichang Changsha Expressway

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-01-08

The upgrading design and construction of service facilities in Zhangzhu service area of Jiangsu section of Yixing Changxing Expressway in Jiangsu Province have been completed, and the two outdoor multimedia LED large screen displays are undertaken by Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd.


The LED large screen is made of outdoor P4 module waterproof box. It is floor mounted with double columns, 4.608 meters wide and 5.76 meters high. The two large screens are 53 square meters in total. Combined with LED video processor, flange + column, aluminum plate edge, special distribution cabinet and other supporting facilities, the overall effect is beautiful and atmospheric.


Parameters of outdoor LED P4 module:

Size pixel spacing(mm) 4mm

Box size (width × height × thickness)/(mm): 768×768×102

Box resolution:192×192 

Module size (w × h)/(mm): 256×128

Brightness(nit): 6000

Refresh frequency(Hz) :≥1920

Gray scale (bit): 16

Contrast ratio:15000:1

Driving mode:1/4

AC operating voltage(V): 100~240

Power (max / average)(W/m²): 800/267

Storage temperature(℃) :﹣40~﹢60

Working temperature(℃): ﹣20~﹢50Installation mode: floor mounted, front / rear mounted

Storage humidity(RH): 10﹪~90﹪

Working humidity(RH): 10﹪~90﹪

Protection level (front / back): IP65/IP54

LED life (H): 100000

Module maintenance mode: pre maintenance / post maintenance (optional)

Power & other maintenance methods: pre maintenance / post maintenance (optional)

Installation mode: floor mounted, front / rear mounted





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