Multi-screen linkage slide

Multi-screen linkage slide

Multi-screen linkage slide screen - a new multimedia display solution, also known as mechanical matrix slide screen, which can slide on the track of multiple splicing screens, touch all-in-one machines or advertising machines, the display board or LCD splicing screen is arranged on the display wall with similar coordinate axis as the background wall, and a sliding mechanical structure is installed in the front to hang the touch all-in-one machine. The built-in encoder is used to calculate the rotation angle of the motor, so as to calculate the number of turns of the motor to obtain the real-time position. When the touch all-in-one machine moves on the track, the encoder will automatically play the corresponding content after measuring the corresponding position, which can be pictures, text or video.


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Multi screen slide screen, also known as multi screen linkage slide screen, can be controlled by multiple slides or a single slide track, combined with multiple screens for multi axis control, to form a regular movement, with a strong sense of technology. At present, it is often used in high-end technology exhibition halls. The principle of a multi screen slide screen is to move multiple screens on a single or multiple tracks, including left and right linear multi screen linkage, left and right arc multi screen linkage, up and down multi screen linkage, and multi screen rotation.

1、 Multi screen linkage up and down.

1. Multi axis slide screen (splicing screen) interacts with LED background wall content card points;

2. Multi axis slide screen (splicing screen) and projection wall content card point interaction;

3. Multi axis slide screen (splicing screen) and art wall content interaction;

Different lengths, quantities, and combinations of tracks can be customized according to the plan for combination. And it can perform various shape editing, such as wave, odd even, ditto, same bottom, and other sliding modes.

2、 Left and right arc multi-screen linkage

Multiple sets of LED screens, LCD screens, splicing screens, OLED transparent screens, and other display methods can be used, with curved tracks.

3、 Left and right linear multi-screen linkage/opening and closing screen

Multiple sets of LED screens, LCD screens, splicing screens, OLED transparent screens, and other display methods can be used, with single track or multi track sliding. The installation methods can be customized in various ways.

4、 Multi screen rotating track screen

Multiple screen rotating mechanical structures can be customized according to different schemes. For example, rotating screens at 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 360 degrees.






Customization and open point setting and control system for multi screen linkage slide screen:

1. There are various control methods: one can independently choose IPAD, mobile phone, or remote control as the control terminal;

2. Open user interface protocol: Customers can easily connect the slide screen to their central control system;

3. Open point setting system: Customers can add or delete the number of sensing positions according to their needs;

4. Especially suitable for places where promotional content or products need to be frequently updated, with easy maintenance and promotion in the later stage;

5. Slow start and slow stop control system: both equipment start and stop have buffer programs to ensure smooth operation, low noise, and reduce equipment shaking;

6. Intelligent anti-collision system: The mobile end is equipped with anti-collision sensors, limit switches, and other anti-collision systems to ensure the safety of equipment operation and good safety risk control;

7. Position linear testing system: Through high-precision sensors, the current real-time position of the slide screen is detected in real-time, with fast response speed; The position measurement accuracy is ± 1mm, and the positioning is accurate.





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