The value of image mosaic processor in large screen mosaic industry

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Image splicing processor is also called TV wall controller, TV wall splicer, display wall splicer, splicing wall controller, multi screen processor, multi screen splicing processor, display wall splicer, digital splicing processor, multi screen image processor, display wall processor. Its main function is to divide a complete image signal into n blocks and distribute them to n video display units (such as rear projection unit), A large dynamic image display screen is composed of several ordinary video units, which can support the simultaneous access of multiple video devices.

With the demand of the market, the large screen splicing industry has maintained a high-speed development trend. People's demand for massive information is increasing. In order to display as much information as possible at the same time, the scale of large screen splicing in various fields is growing. As one of the core devices of large screen splicing, the importance of large screen splicing processor is also highlighted with the expansion of splicing market. The following small series to introduce the value of image mosaic processor in the large screen splicing industry.

 In the large screen splicing industry, the strategic value of splicing processor products is second only to the display unit. If a large screen display system is regarded as a computer, then the splicing processor is the brain organ of the whole large screen system - CPU. All the information in the whole system is sent to it for processing through various channels, and then it presents the processing results to the display part.

  At present, the most important splicing display methods include projection edge fusion, DLP rear projection splicing, and flat panel splicing. In addition to the display device itself, splicing is inseparable from the splicing processor. But for both manufacturers and users, the splicing function of the splicing processor is far from enough. Especially under the background that various display technologies have been very mature, whether it is edge fusion, DLP rear projection splicing, and flat panel splicing, they have fallen into a vortex of homogeneity. The importance of the splicing processor to the entire system has made it an important way for display manufacturers to develop differentiation, which has also become an important driving force for the development of splicing processor technology. Now, splicing processor products have formed a pure hardware architecture, DSP architecture, X86 architecture, ARM architecture, centralized and distributed and other product forms; in terms of function, the so-called cross-screen, free drag and drop and roaming, and one piece Dozens of small windows on the screen and other technologies have been widely popularized. In addition to these, different products have their own characteristics, which can meet the different needs of different users.

  In the competition from display technology to splicing processing technology, the shift of competition focus of large screen splicing manufacturers also makes significant changes in the main participants of processor industry. Many large screen splicing manufacturers also provide splicing processors or strengthen investment in splicing processors; In addition, in order to meet different industries or gain more initiative, some manufacturers began to set foot in more product lines, not only providing DLP splicing and processor products, but also LCD splicing and processor, LED large screen and processing products; We specialize in processor R & D and provide almost all types of processor products required by the market.

  The importance of splicing processor also attracts a group of manufacturers specializing in signal processing to enter the industry through the relevance of related products. The most prominent is that many matrix manufacturers directly participate in or integrate splicing function into product functions. In addition, with the development of PC architecture and distributed splicing processor, switches and acquisition cards with obvious it characteristics are integrated into the splicing processor industry.

  Nowadays, processors not only have many types of products and technologies, but the companies they are engaged in are also very complex, and the number of mixed-competitive companies across industries, markets and technologies is increasing. For manufacturers specializing in video signal processing, the development of splicing processors is the basis for the survival of enterprises; for large-screen manufacturers, the development of splicing processors is to strengthen the control of the core technology of large screens, and is an important way to create differentiation; For related IT manufacturers and peripheral manufacturers, the processor is like a bridge to the large-screen display field. With the help of the core position of the splicing processor in the large-screen industry, other more IT products can be continuously developed. Push into the field of large-screen display and open a new type of "supermarket" for it. Therefore, the splicing processor has very important strategic significance for both the enterprises in the industry and the surrounding enterprises.





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