Xiamen zhongruan Haisheng information technology splicing screen case

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-06-30

Project Name: Xiamen zhongruan Haisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd

Undertaking content: LG 55 "0.88mm LCD splicing screen 3X3, digital HD matrix, wall bracket and other supporting software facilities

Installation method: wall mounted

Contractor: Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd

厦门中软海晟信息技术55寸0.88-4.jpgRecently, Huayun vision splicing screen has been successfully applied to Fujian Xiamen zhongruan Haisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Chinasoft Haisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise invested and established by Fujian Haisheng Group Co., Ltd. in Fujian in 2000. It is mainly engaged in product-oriented software research and development to provide information solutions for the tobacco industry. Serve the information construction of the national tobacco industry. Over the years, it has continuously brought innovative technologies and products to customers, and has formed a strong influence in the field of tobacco industry informatization and enjoyed a high reputation. Now we are purchasing a set of 3X3LG 55-inch 0.88mm LCD splicing screen for information display from Huayun Vision. The products include: nine LG 55-inch 0.88mm LCD splicing screens, digital high-definition matrix, wall-mounted brackets and other supporting software facilities. The wall-mounted bracket is used for installation and customized welding on site. The overall effect is simple and generous.


厦门中软海晟信息技术55寸0.88-4.jpgLG 55 inch 0.88mm split LCD splicing screen: the panel brightness is uniform, the image is stable, the ultra narrow double side seam is 0.88mm, 16.7M color, truly reappear every detail; 5ms fast response, smooth playback; visual angle of 178 ° or above, all-round viewing; military grade components, support 24 hours × 365 days uninterrupted work; service life more than 60000 hours; low energy consumption, zero radiation, image Stable, no impact on eyes, environmental protection and health.


Each case is the growth witness of Huayun vision. Huayun vision will continue to strive to provide high-quality products and services for our customers, and strive to become the industry leader.


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